Two-Mile Tempo Run

19 March 2008 (10:26-11:15 AM)

It’s Holy Week and I decided to stay inside the camp and be at peace with the clean air and silent environment in the mountains of Jamindan. This is the time to do more endurance runs, hill workouts, “fartleks” and tempo runs, even during noon time. 

Without any much to do after reading and acting on some administrative papers and matters in the morning, I decided to change to my running attire and planned to test how I fare in my 2-mile run along the hills of Jamindan. After stretching and warm-up jogging for about 500-600 meters, I started my first two-mile tempo run along the the 2-mile route inside the camp.

The following data were registered in my GF 305 for my first 2-mile run:

Distance—3.20 kms                       Time—16:20 mins (8:10 mins/mile)

Average Pace—5:06 mins/km              Average Speed—11.7 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—15.1 kms/hr           Total Calories—235 cal

Average HR—159 bpm                          Maximum HR—169 bpm

Total Ascent—247 meters                     Total Descent—238 meters

After drinking water and slowly jogging for about 3 minutes, I started my second 2-mile run where the sun’s heat was almost on top of my head. The following data were taken from my GF 305 for my second 2-mile run:

Distance—3.20 kms                        Time—16:40 mins (8:20 mins/mile)

Average Pace—5:12 mins/km               Average Speed—11.5 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.1 kms/hr             Total Calories—236 cal

Average HR—168 bpm                            Maximum HR—172 bpm

Total Ascent—172 meters                       Total Descent—168 meters

After completing the second set of my 2-mile run, I made a slow jog for about 500 meters cool-down. I had my post stretching for 20 minutes and walked briskly. It was too hot and I had to drink a lot of water.

My second round was slower because of the heat of the sun and the heat coming from the cement/road. However, it was a nice run.

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120

Music—Bee Gees: “Live–One Night Only”

Total Distance Covered—7.50 kms or 4.68 miles.


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