Tuesday Run

18 December 2007 (PM Run)

I started my run at 4:15 PM after my usual stretching exercises and finished the run at 5:50 PM. I had my run along the 2-mile route inside the camp which is basically a repetition of my run yesterday afternoon.

The following was my registered time every round/2 miles: 

2 miles—-17:33 mins; 8:46.5 mins per mile

4 miles—-34:44 mins; 17:11 mins per round/8:35.5 mins per mile

6 miles—-51:05 mins; 16:21 mins per round/8:10.5 mins per mile

8 miles—-1:08:06 hrs; 17:01 mins per round/8:30 mins per mile

10 miles—1:25:03 hrs; 16:57 mins per round/8:28.5 mins per mile

11 miles—1:33:53 hrs; 8:50 mins per mile (cool down run)

I ran a total of 11 miles or 17.6 kilometers with an average pace of 8:32 minutes per mile or 5:20 mins per kilometer.

I improved my time by 6 minutes for the same distance and decreased my average pace per mile from 9:04.8 mins to 8:32 minutes per mile.

I don’t consider this practice run as tempo run or speed play. I wanted to keep myself more relaxed and be able to improve on my running form while running at a comfortable pace. I did not notice that I was able to improve my time.

This kind of practice run will be maintained for the rest of the week.

I hope I can sustain the training and be able to prepare for the Subic Half-Marathon on 20 January 2008.

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