Griffith Park, Los Angeles

8 12 2007

I had fond memories with this Recreational Park just outside the city limits of Downtown Los Angeles. This is the place where I bring my family/kids to play, walk, run, bike and picnic when my kids were still in the elementary grades and secondary school. This is still the place where we have our practice runs during my visits with my family.

I have trekked and jogged to almost all the streets, roads and trails of this popular and the biggest municipal park in the United States which is located in a an urban area, almost at the center of Los Angeles City District.

I usually park my cark near the Merry-Go-Round area or at the Maintenance Area of the Golf Course (Harding/Wilson) and start my practice runs from there. I pass through the LA Zoo-Gene Autrey National Center-Southern Railroad Station up to the mountains and following the road that goes to the Loz Feliz Boulevard entrance of the park.

More challenging dirt trails branch out  from the road/street that leads to the Griffith Observatory. These trails lead to the peak of the mountain where the Hollywood sign is located. This is where you could see the vast area that occupies the Los Angeles City District and its neigboring cities.

 Lots of running activities/road races and biking are done in this park, too! One of the most popular road race events done inside the park is the St. John’s Health Center Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon which is usually done a month (4th Sunday of April) after the Los Angeles Marathon.

Whenever you are in Los Angeles area, it is a must to visit this recreational park as it offers a lot of attractions and memorable places to see.



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