1st Infantry Marathon, Fort Benning, Georgia

When I had my schooling at the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, I joined the 1st Infantry Marathon which was held on 22 January 1984, on the third Sunday of the month of January. Unfortunately, I did not run well in this race after spending my Christmas vacation with my family in Los Angeles. The route consisted of a two-loop course (half-marathon per loop) which goes around the populated area of the camp up to the landing strips/airfield where airborne/parachute training are being conducted.

I ran the race for four hours plus and the course was a challenging one as it is considered as rolling terrain route and due to the prevailing cold climate at that time.

I have only one evidence that I ran the said marathon. It was a light blue colored long-sleeved finisher’s T-shirt (Hobbie T-shirt) which I framed and displayed in my office during my stint in Mindanao.

After a thorough research at the Fort Benning’s Infantry School’s Website, I could not see anything about the conduct of this yearly Infantry Marathon or as part of the MWR/Sports activities of the camp. However, it was my first time to see the conduct of a Sprint Reverse Triathlon in the said website which was well-attended by officers & soldiers in the said military camp.

The 1984 Infantry Marathon was my first international marathon race!

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