Tempo Run In Laoag City

I had my “tempo run” at the Oval Track in Laoag City at 5:10 PM of 29 November 2007. I wanted to see how far my body could go and how I feel running at race pace, assuming that I am in a 10K race.

After stretching and a little warm-up/jog, I started my 25-lap run around the oval track in Laoag City. My average pace per lap was 2:08.5 minutes in the first 14 laps and I was able to make my pace faster on the remaining laps with an average pace of 2:05 minutes per lap. I was able to finish 25 laps at 53:20 mins.

My average pace was 5:20 minutes per kilometer/8:35 minutes per mile. My average pace per lap was 2:07 minutes.

I did not feel any pains and tiredness after the run. I am slowly improving my pace and eventually my PR best time for the 10K as a part of my preparation for the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon. I think I will have to validate this on Sunday during my participation to the Executive 10K Road Run.

Improving and focusing more on my running form, footstrike, breathing rhythm and strengthening my leg muscles have positively contributed for my progressive improvement on my marathon training.

(Note: The Oval track in Laoag City is still made of the “primitive” hardened soil/earth. The newly-elected Gov Michael Keon, the former Chairman of “Gintong Alay” Program & Philippine Sports Commission, has a lot of “homework” to improve the sports infrastructure of the province)

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