29 04 2011

I never learn my past mistakes and heed to the lessons learned I have been repeatedly writing on this blog. I am simply stubborn!

I should have recovered from my latest adventure run for at least 4-6 weeks due to the injury I incurred on my left knee. But I was not able to control my urge to run on this particular place.

Paved Road Covered With Big Trees

Not Much Traffic From Vehicles

But I Was Able To See A Lot of Cyclists

In A Place Called "Meadow" After Running 5K Uphill On A Trail

Trail Covered With Trees

Redwood Trees All Around The Place

Trail Running Is Fun!!!

Highest Peak of the Trail

This is the Place Where "Folger's Coffee" Started Its Production

For a clear description of the trail and park, please visit Leor Pantilat’s blog.

A distance of 40 kilometers, 20K on paved road and 20K on mountain trail, for six hours made me limped towards the end of the run. Because of this run, my recovery was disrupted and I am back to square one! However, I am back to my rehab activities.

My mantra during the rehab period is PATIENCE!!!

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