“Specific-Endurance Test”

If there is “Physical Fitness Test” for the Officers and Soldiers of any Armed Forces of any country in order to determine the level of their fitness and endurance based from military standards, there is also some sort of “fitness test” for runners based from the distance of the road race they are going to participate or compete.

In the book, “Run Faster: From 5K To The Marathon” by Brad Hudson, he suggests that if a runner is following a training plan for a certain race, he/she has to schedule a “specific-endurance” test (spec test) in order to assess if there is an improvement towards his/her desired goal depending on his/her target finish time to an specific road race. To some coaches and runners, such term is also called as “time trials” which are usually done in an oval track or in a road race.  Such test should be done at least every 5-6 weeks. However, running in a road race is a practical option for 5K and 10K runners who can run such distances every few weeks without overtaxing their bodies. As for the half-marathon and marathon distances, the only option for the runners to test their endurance and speed is to perform a very “race-specific” workout. Continue reading