A Visit To My Doctor

4 06 2009

The last time I visited my doctor here in Los Angeles was August last year before I ran the Bulldog 50K. Not that I prefer to have my annual medical check-up here abroad but I have the privilege to be included in the medical insurance of my family plus the fact that there is better service/attention and efficiency of the physicians here (no red tape and so much waiting long line and time).

It was a quick and simple visit which included an extraction of my blood sample into 2 big vials/tubes; got a sample of my urine, took my blood pressure and weight by a lady medical assistant. Finally, the doctor and I had a conversation while he updated my medical file with his laptop computer with a touch screen monitor and finally took stethoscope to hear my heart beats on my breast and back. The doctor said that I have a healthy and athletic body. Of course, the doctor, who is a Filipino, knows that I run marathons and ultras as he is also a runner. The doctor had been our family doctor for almost two decades.

The results of my blood tests will be known next week. The results will show everything to include the condition of my prostate glands. I don’t want to be in the situation of Dr George Sheehan (old runner & writer) and General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr (Military Commander) who had cancer of the prostate gland. Well, this is an advise to the older male runners and maybe, retired generals or officers in the military service, to have a regular check-up and PSA test to their prostate glands. If the ladies have their breast and cervical cancers, the men have also a prostate cancer as an equivalent illness. As for the Hardcores, you have the option to better start having this test. There is no truth to the “hearsay” that you can get a prostate cancer if your manliness is “overused or underused”.  You must be within the average or moderate user! ha! ha! ha! Seriously, you can get it through the food you eat & your kind of lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, age, and due to race (Blacks are highest victims, whites as moderate, and Asians are the lowest victims). Please don’t depend to the idea that since you are an Asian, you will be least susceptible to prostate cancer.

While I will get the results of my blood test next week, it will be my schedule also to have my X-ray examination. The visit to the doctor was done in less than 30 minutes! I went home immediately for my brunch. I did not eat any food since midnight before my visit to the doctor. Finally, I suggest that runners above the age of 40 years old should have their annual medical check-up. If you regularly change your running shoes to a new one, it would also be better to have your body for a medical check-up on a regular basis. Just think of yourself as a sleek. shiny, and fast Sports Car, its powerful V-8 turbo-charged engine is your body and the tires are your running shoes!

Yesterday, I recalled the comment of Rick Gaston aka 365Ultra in one of my posts last month when Ronnie aka Runner For Christ asked me what is inside my legs; where Rick was asking me about the food I eat. I answered Rick’s comment that I am an Ilocano who is fond of vegetables and meat recipes from the North until I had an attack with “gout”. For one year, my diet was limited to vegetables, fish & limited seafoods, chicken, eggs, tofu, pasta/noodles, and fresh fruits. However, I had to take supplementary drinks from Ensure and multi-vitamin & mineral tablets for me to sustain my training/preparation for the BDM 102K and other long distance races.

Starting today, I will be posting my daily “fuel” to support my training for my incoming running adventures. By the way, my weight before the 2009 LA Marathon was 138.6 lbs, however, at this time, my weight had increased to 140.4 lbs. I hope to maintain the 140-lb weight as my running average weight.

The following was the composition of my meals and supplements yesterday, 02 June 2009:

Breakfast: Coffee with Milk; 3 pieces of Ube Hopia; and Cereals with Milk

Snacks: Lots of Water

Lunch: Pork Adobo; Salmon’s Head Sinigang with Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya) and Steamed Rice

Snacks: Lots of Water

Dinner: Bacon & Swiss Burger with French Fries & Coca-Cola

Before Going To Bed: Vitamin C (1,000 Mg) & 3 tablespoons of Organic Honey.

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