Pictures @ “Patakbo Sa Kabundukan”

Better late than never. Due to persistent demand from the “hardcores” and “concerned” runners,  I am going to post the pictures in the last “Patakbo sa Kabundukan” 21K Run last December 21, 2008, the last road race for the year.


At the Starting Line with Philip aka Foreign Runner stands out from the rest of the runners before the start of the race.


I was with Coach Salazar, Lester, and Jonel aka Bugobugo85 from the start to Km-10 point


 I was with Lester at the Km-12 mark but he left me when we reached Km-17 point with his blisterng pace.


Jonel and George after coming from the turn-around point near Wawa Dam


MarkFB with his Vibram-5 (Barefoot Running Shoes) was ahead of us from the start up to Km-15 point


Group picture after the awarding ceremony with the members of Team Bald Runner. These guys are really “hardcores”!

The pictures, the scenery, and most of the awards were taken by the elite members of Team Bald Runner but I still evaluate this run as “the worst road race for the year 2008”.

The Worst Road Race Of The Year…

….Is the “Patakbo Sa Kabundukan” held in Montalban, Rizal last Sunday, 21 December 2008

But I Improved My Time by 3:15 minutes for the 21K distance from my last 2008 Adidas KOTR 21K Run’s fnish time.

From the Race Bib, to the Emcee, up to almost everything, the race was poorly planned, prepared and implemented. The distance for the 21K was accurate with at least 400 meters in excess as registered in my GF 305. I can safely call this road race as the “Askal Run” but the presence of the Hardcores/Team Bald Runner made this race as a road run to evaluate and assess their “speed” training at the ULTRA Oval Track for the past weeks. All the members of the Team Bald Runner, to include the elite runners, performed better and improved their finish times. I finished with a time of 1:45:40 hours.

Details and pictures will be posted soon!