“You Made It…Good Job”

7:48 PM 09 August 2008 at Malibu Creek State Park (Bulldog Trail)

After we arrived in Los Angeles from San Francisco, I told my son that I will be running again the Bulldog Trail at Malibu Creek State Park next Saturday (09 August 2008) and will try to simulate the racing condition by starting earlier in the morning. I requested him to bring me to the said park and just drop me there to be fetched at lunch time.

Almost one week after finishing the San Francisco Marathon, I was back at the Bulldog Trail. After preparing for my things (water, electrolytes, GUs, and protein bars) and eating a light breakfast, we left the house at 7:00 AM and due to the traffic at Highway 10 West and at the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), we reached the park at 7:45 AM. I started my run immediately after getting out of the car.

I could see that there were hikers and runners about to start and preparing their gears at the vast parking area. The temperature was already at high 60s and the sky was clear without any clouds and I could feel that the temperature is about to get higher.

As I started my run, I planned to start slowly as I was using a 2.1-liter CamelBak Hydration (additional 5-6 pounds of weight) and thought of  running the 25K loop twice if I still have time before my son’s schedule to pick me up at the entrance of the park. Continue reading