Critique: 2nd Champion Run

24 05 2008

6:00 AM 11 May 2008 @ Marikina City Riverbanks

1)  More Runners But Narrow Roads—Coach Rio’s road races are becoming popular and attractive to most of the runners and beginners because of his excellent performance and good reputation in managing road races. It was not surprising that this road race which was advertised and known by most of the runners two months before its schedule would attract a lot of runners. Additionally, the police trainess from the Philippine National Police Training Center and soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines joined this road race. However, the cemented road along the banks of the Pasig River in Marikina  City was too narrow for the runners. Almost all the runners had a slow start and average pace for the first three kilometers of the race. It could had been very easy to use the unpaved portions of the riverbank but the rains that poured for the past 3 days before the race made them to be muddy and slippery. With an estimated 1, 200 runners, the narrow roads of the road race became a problem to the average competetive runners.

2) 11K Race, not a 10K Race—I was informed after the race that Coach Rio announced before the race that the distance of the race was 11K but because I was busy with my stretching and warm-up exercises at the rear end of the assembly area of about 50-100 meters away, I was not able to hear the announcements. Psychologically, I could had prepared for that extra kilometer. Additionally, not all the kilometer markings were properly designated. It would be better if there were kilometer markings in every kilometer.

3) Too Many People Moving Against the Flow of the Race—The Marikina Riverbanks is supposed to be a Public Park but there are portions where I saw residences and illegal settlers along the route and the people living in these residences were starting to leave their houses for some errands and most of these were occupying the narrow paved road and walking against the flow of the race. Naturally, every runner would give way or avoid these walkers making the road a little narrower. There were also walkers and bikers along this paved road  going against the direction of the race which became distractions to runners.

4) People/Spectators Should Learn to Cheer—Generally, Filipinos as spectators of running/road races are not supportive or passive in giving encouragements to runners. After I reached the Finish Line, I proceeded to my car which was at least 200 meters to the Finish Line. Instead of changing my wet running kit, I went back at least 50 meters from my car and started clapping my hands and cheering the runners for the last 250 meters. I’ve observed that there were residents in the area looking at the passing runners but did not attempt to join me in my cheering. Anyway, I had at least 30 minutes of cheering where I saw most of the “visitors” to this blog passing and encouraging them to improve their time for the 11K race.

5) Race Started On Time and Race Results Were Very Fast—What is very consistent with the road races of Coach Rio is the observance of the punctual starting time and I really like this. Before noontime of the race day, the results were already published at Coach Rio’s Website and it was very fast and commendable.

Overall Rating of this Road Race—92%

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