I am back!

September 15, 2022

I think I am going to start writing again. I am thinking of devoting at least ONE HOUR everyday just to write “what is in my mind” while I am in front of my Laptop Computer.

For the past five to six days, I have refrain from posting on my personal account on Facebook. But I spend a considerable time scrolling everyday on posts which seem to be no longer interesting and I thought of limiting my exposure and attention to these posts and information that I read from the said platform. Instead, I will be writing some of my daily thoughts in this blog. I think I said this thing in my previous posts. Hahaha!

For the past few days, I came across a video on YouTube Channel about a girl keeping a some sort of diary of his daily schedule. To make the story short, it seems that this girl had been efficient in doing her daily activities and she became more productive in accomplishing a lot of things. So, I applied this concept to myself through an Application which I downloaded and have it handy in my cell phone because I don’t need to use a notebook and a ballpen. I am now hooked to my TO DO LIST on a daily basis and I think I am more productive during the day. To my surprise, after two hours from the time I wake up this morning, I have done already 4 tasks in my Today’s TO DO LIST. I think I am going to be completely transformed as a result of what I have started.


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