Politics Is Dirty!

Yes, Politics is dirty and stressful. If there is a topic that I want to discuss with people and friends, it is Politics that I would try to avoid. Why? Because everything you say is just your personal opinion and most of the time, very different from what are the facts on the ground. Now that I am retired and enjoying a simple and non-stress life, I don’t want to add emotional or mental stress on my myself.

When I was in the active military service, I observed how politics work. Sometimes, I apply politics in dealing with my superiors, peers, and subordinates. However, politics outside the military service is totally different but the concepts are still the same. To make it simple, everything is a “give and take” arrangement. Very basic!

In my Social Media posts, I try to avoid making my personal opinion on issues and matters about politics. I just keep them on myself and let the time pass until after I finally don’t have time to recall them. Always remember that when you post your personal opinion on the Social Media, whether you are an expert or knowledgeable on the topic, there is ALWAYS somebody out there who will argue with you. And most of the time, these arguments would lead up to personal matters and the issue at hand to be discussed is put aside. Most of the time, you don’t know these people who would argue with you. So, every time when I am confronted with this kind of situation, I would just end the conversation.

People have different upbringing, orientation, and attitude. Every individual has its own mind, perception, and opinion on anything and if they are not aligned with yours, then argument and misunderstanding will follow.


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