“4-Minute” Workout

For those who are in the know of this kind of workout, it is simply called “Tabata” Interval Workout. It is an intense workout created and studied by a Japanese Sports Scientist Izumi Tabata whose duration is only FOUR MINUTES! According to his studies, exposing this workout to athletes, on a regular basis, had greatly improved their aerobic and anaerobic capabilities.

It is simply done by doing the exercise (of choice) in 20 seconds and then resting for another 10 seconds. This repetition (of exercise and rest) is done for eight (8) times, totalling to 240 seconds or 4 minutes. The intensity of the selected exercise could be fast/hard, moderate, or easy, depending on one’s capability.

This workout can be done indoors or when you feel bored/sleepy in the house or in the office or in the classroom. You can start with a single exercise or combine it with other exercises depending on the duration of your planned workout.

As for me, I usually complete a 4-minute workout for a certain exercise before going to the next exercise that I want. Some athletes would prefer to alternate one exercise to another. There are no strict rules to follow as long as you do one exercise for eight (8) repetitions.

To strengthen my legs, I usually do the following exercises one at a time by following the Tabata Protocol (20 seconds exercise, 10 seconds rest, 8 reps):

Jumping Jacks

Body Weight Squats

“100 Ups”

Forward Lunges

“High Knees”

It will take me 20 minutes to complete these exercises with my shirt and short soaked with my sweat! I usually do this workout at least twice a week inside the house. However, I still do some light stretching before and after my Tabata Workout.

I use my Gymboss or my handheld digital stopwatch to time my workout.

You can devise you own set of exercises depending on what part of your body you want to be strengthened. You can also use some weights or other exercise tools for this workout.

Tabata Workout/Protocol can be applied in your speed training on the oval track, hill repeats or on your “speed bursts” on the road & trails. The possibilities of applying this protocol to your workout/exercises are endless.

Try it and you will be amazed how easy you can heat up your body or see your sweat dropping on the floor or your clothes being damp/wet with your own sweat.

For more information and details, please visit http://tabatatraining.org/


7 thoughts on ““4-Minute” Workout

  1. Joe Saley

    Thanks for posting. Very nice of you to share this info.Looking at your exercises, you are one tough guy. Belated Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.



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