“I am Only A Blogger, And You Are Only A Reader”

I admit that I am ONLY a Blogger but I spend a lot of time in research and thinking process in order for me to come up with a post, whether it is about an information that I could share to my readers or about my experiences and observations as a runner and an athlete.

The Internet had created a lot of options and capability for anybody to express himself and share it across the world without any restrictions. A Blogger becomes the writer, editor, and the publisher all in ONE and the only satisfaction that he gets is the fact that he expressed his thoughts in writing with the hope that others will be able to read it. And such satisfaction is translated to the number of hits and followers that it will eventually have.

I could be considered as a “purist” blogger where I write about my running experiences and thoughts about running. Sometimes, I could share running events in the world which I want to be known by others. There are other times that I share tips and suggestions on running which I’ve experienced and worth to be known by “newbies” as well as average runners. As I progressed through the years, my blog became a “platform” for ultrarunning events which I wanted my readers to experience through fun runs and later as formal races. It gave birth to the BDM Races as well as the PAU Races which are almost in their 2nd and 3rd editions. Of course, it gave birth to the BDM 102 which is the “grand daddy” of all my events where it would be its 5th edition by next year. (Note: I am not a “mercenary” blogger!)

Having said everything, a blogger as purist as I am, I try to be original and creative in my own way because I am trying my best to be an average writer. If somebody would like to “copy and paste” my writings on any of my posts, it is very logical and reasonable that he must have to state my blog as his source. The same with the pictures that I’ve attached in most of my posts. In simple terms, show some RESPECT to one’s work.

This is the reason why I don’t respect news anchors and politicians who would seem to be reading a piece of article/news/information/speech  infront of you thinking that they have prepared their piece by themselves. The truth is that news anchors read news stories written for them by their news writers. Politicians read their speeches in public and in their respective chambers which are written by their staff who do the research and writing for them. Simply put, news anchors and politicians are JUST messengers/readers and they do not spend a single drop of sweat in writing their speech or item to read.

So, Mr Senator, you are just a messenger and a reader and you do not deserve to be respected at all since you don’t respect us who are bloggers. It would be best for you to go back in reading your TV “spoof” scripts and try your best to be a “copycat” of Dolphy.

Now, you are telling us that plagiarism is NOT A CRIME. It may not be a crime but it is a violation of Basic Writing & Research. But again, you will say that it was your staff who violated the “basics” in writing and research.

But if you continue defending yourself up to the ass of Marilyn Monroe, I could conclude that you failed in your basic elementary subject of….Good Manners & Right Conduct! Far worse, you don’t have the “balls” to account for your mistake and accept responsibility for it. Accountability and Responsibility, two BIG words that GOOD LEADERS adhere to for their reputation.

I rest my case, Mr Copycat Senator!


9 thoughts on ““I am Only A Blogger, And You Are Only A Reader”

  1. he should follow what MVP did when he offered to resign from the board of Ateneo but well asa ma gagawin niya yan. And your right accept your mistake its the right thing to do say sorry for the mistake and that it will not happen again and move on


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  3. Hooooray for this! As I have shared with my friends, family and colleagues – In whatever shape or form, blogs are the intellectual property of bloggers. Just like any researcher or journalist, bloggers have the responsibility to research and appropriately site their sources because their work is PUBLISHED in cyber space. Having said this anybody lifting words from a blog should likewise give proper citation just like any published work.

    Bloggers unite 🙂


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