“30-Minute” Rule

As a “beginner” in running, one should follow what I call as “30-minute” rule. For that matter, those who would like to engage in any endurance sports as “beginners” should follow what I term as the “30-minute” rule. What should be the emphasis in training is the observance to complete 30 minutes doing your workout, whether it is walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, biking/cycling, rowing and/or any sports that involve aerobic capability of the body.

Make one’s training to be as “time-based” instead of trying to find out or complete a certain distance. Knowing the distance you have covered after 30 minutes will come later as you progress and be comfortable doing this “time-based” workout. There is no need to be excited on how far you have covered for the period as there will be time to consider the distance and time in your daily training journal.

The “30-minute” workout does not include the warm-up, stretching, and “cool-down” exercises. There is no particular pace during the “30-minute” workout as you do your activity by taking it easy and comfortable.

Your progress in your selected sports will have a faster result if you do this “rule” everyday! Make this rule as part of your daily activities and of course, you need a lot of discipline to do this.

Maybe in 2-3 weeks, you will be surprised that you can already cover the following distances with the corresponding activity:

Walking—1.5 to 2 Kilometers

Jogging—3 Kilometers

Easy Run—3.5 to 4 Kilometers

Cycling—10 Kilometers

Swimming—400-500 meters

Remember, 30 minutes of your time on a daily basis to engage in any aerobic activity is very easy. Think DISCIPLINE!

Good luck!

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