On Rehab

For the past one week, I’ve been regularly going to the Gym to strengthen my knees, quadriceps and calf muscles. In short, I’ve been trying to to cure my injury which I incurred during my “West To East” Run. The problem lies on my left leg which I think had been my more dominant running leg in my workouts and road/trail races.

Since I’ve finished my latest adventure run, I rested and recovered for about 16 days without any run or physical activity. My daily activities were geared to my rest by doing some light stretching exercises, walking, and browsing on the Internet. I did not have any massages but I concentrated more on my intake of natural foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, every two days, I have to take one capsule of Alaxan FR.

After 16 days of no running, I decided to go to the gym and start trying to bring back some “action” to my legs. After 16 days of no activity, I’ve observed that my leg muscles were soft and tender. I missed those times that my legs were full of “lumps” or “rocks” of hard muscles.

I have been doing lots stationary cycling/biking maintaining an rpm of not less than 100; doing also fast rpm on elliptical machines of at least 120 rpm; and lastly, on the rowing machine trying to maintain at least 22-24 strokes per minute. All these exercises are done with an elapsed time of at least 30 minutes. I hope these exercises will result to something better for my running legs.

The core and upper body muscle routine is still there but the emphasis in my gym works are now concentrated to my legs.

To top it all, I’ve been drinking Ensure as my nutrition drinks. Lots of water intake during gym workouts.

We will see in the coming days what would be the result of my gym workouts. I hope my legs will be better.


8 thoughts on “On Rehab

  1. Sir dagdagan mo na rin ng calcium ang iyong diet. Sagana ka naman sa Vitamin D dahil lagi kang nabibilad sa araw. Di tulad dito sa Seattle, hanggang ngayon eh umuulan, malamig 40’F at walang araw. Bawas sa fat at dagdag sa protein dahil kailangan yon sa muscle building mo. Yon calcium para naman sa ating buto dahil sa layo-layo ng iyon workout o adventure run eh ma-wear out yon cartilage sa ating tuhod. Maaring maging sanhi ito ng osteoarthritis. Natural laman ng magkaroon ng muscle atrophy lalo na kung ipapahinga natin ang ating mga skeletal muscle. Pero sa ginagawa mong rehab sir eh babalik uli ang iyon muscle tone. Maari ka rin kumunsulta sa isang doktor o kaya physical therapist.


  2. kingofpots

    lynx, thank you very much for the advise/suggestion. i have a niece who is a physical therapist. i hope she will not place those electric wires on my muscles again!


  3. No wonder you’ve been quite lately. Not running for several weeks sucks big time. I’ve been there and done this and that. One thing I never adhere to is taking pain reliever while recovering. Nothing beats sleep, good nutrition (with emphasis on extra protein, local fruits in season [not the imported types] and water intake) and another activity to take the boredom away. Good that you start moving and exercising since doing nothing is like being a couch potato – sure way to become fat and miserable. Nothing, however, beats running for its sheer enjoyment and to maintain one’s fitness. Let us face it. We are not getting younger and our recovery is not the same as 20, 30 or even 40 years ago!

    You know what they say: You can’t lose endurance easily but strength is another matter. I’m sure you’ll be back in no time at all. Folks like you can’t be put down easily. See you at races soon. Cheers.


  4. kingofpots

    thanks! you are right, i need to move my body. i am becoming an “ancient” long distance runner and i know i can still cope up with the challenges but with a slower pace this time. ah, the prize of becoming soon a senior citizen..hahaha!


  5. That is why the young runners out there should capitalize and enjoy their youth and strength for these assets will never be the same in the years ahead. There is thus more to the cliche: “Enjoy your youth” than what we are made to believe. Ironically, youth is wasted on the young (Oscar Wilde).


  6. juliuscervantes

    Good to get an update from you, BR. Sounds like you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ll be back at full strength in no time. See you soon, sir!


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