Running Lecture @ METROBANK Technology, Inc.

MBTC Technology, Inc (MTI) or METROBANK Technology is the IT arm of the METROBANK Group.

Randy San Miguel and Jerry Adriano of METROBANK Technology, Inc. had been training with the BR’s “Speed” Training Sessions at the ULTRA Oval Track for almost two years already and they are very dedicated in their training every week. It was only two months ago that Randy invited me to conduct a Running Lecture and Clinic to the office/corporate institution where he is working as he had to make some planning and coordination with the administration and getting a good crowd of his officemates who are interested to know the “basics” of running.

Randy and Jerry are inseparable during our training workouts at the ULTRA Oval Track as they belong with the same office. They are dedicated runners and had been joing competitive races from 10K distance to the full Marathon distance. I also observed that they always run together in their competitive road races. I can say that they are already veteran runners! So, when they asked and invited me to conduct a running lecture, I immediately approved their request.

METROBANK Running Lecture Participants

 So far, this could be the biggest group of corporate personnel who attended the BR’s Running Lecture & Clinic. Almost 70 personnel were present at the Training Room of the METROBANK Technology, Inc. in Makati City. I am confident that these participants will form the core of the company’s running club in the future.

The "Basics" of Running & "Tips" To Enjoy Running

 This activity was conducted a day before my team left for Jeju, South Korea last March 23, 2010. The lecture started at 5:30 PM and finished at 7:00 PM. Coach Titus Salazar had his turn to demonstrate technical matters and “tips” on running. The lecture hall immediately turned into a jogging hall when all the participants were requested to imitate what Coach Titus was demonstrating to them.

Hoping That All The Participants Will Start To Enjoy Running
Coach Titus Demonstrating Some Techniques In Running
Participants Were Made To Do Actual Stretching Exercises

 All the participants were made to stand up and were made to do the “must do” stretching exercises before and after their running workouts. They were made to “jog in place” and experience the feeling of running with midfoot footstrike as compared to “heel strike” running.

Another View of the Participants Doing Their Stretching
Post-Run Stretching Routine Demonstration

 The members of the Elite Team Bald Runner were made to demonstrate the proper running form and running “drills” after the stretching exercise demonstration made by the participants. The practical portion of the running lecture and clinic was fun as the group enjoyed doing their “jogging in place” and stretching exercises.

Before the lecture was concluded, there was an Open Forum where Coach Titus Salazar and I answered some questions and clarifications from the participants ranging from injuries, treatment, nutrition, running shoes, and training programs. After a group picture with the Officers and Staff of the said office, the activity concluded at 9:00 PM.

Group Picture With METROBANK's Electronics Division's Officers & Staff

 Let me take this opportunity to thank the following officers of the said company—Francis Carandang, the First Vice-President of Consulting Division, who is a runner who joins weekend races in Metro Manila; Marijo Caronongan, Vice-President for Human Resources; and Nikki Oxales, First Vice-President for Quality Assurance. Their concern for the welfare and healthy lifestyle of their employees through this running lecture is exemplary and commendable. I hope more corporate heads will follow in this endeavor.

Lastly, thanks for supporting the Elite Team Bald Runner!


3 thoughts on “Running Lecture @ METROBANK Technology, Inc.

  1. neoren

    This lecture was great. I’m the one in the 6th picture wearing a blue polo barong. I have my first fun run last Sunday (Takbo para sa PGH) with 5k and the results are great (34 mins and 16 secs). I guess not bad for a first timer. I have learned a lot with the proper techniques in running in this lecture. And I’ll be doing more fun runs in the future.


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