Comments From Runners

These are the comments/feedbacks from runners and runner-bloggers with regards to the Response of the Argent Network International Corporation and/or Full Shot Advertising to my critique on the conduct of the 2009 PSE Bull Run held last 18 January 2009 at The Fort:

From The Loony Runner—this is why you should continue critiquing races… it makes the organizers see what went wrong and thus hopefully improve on them in their future races. It’s funny though that they had to defend themselves, I think the best defense would have been to take the comments in stride and to shut us all up, come up with one great race!

From MarkFB—Yup, I agree Doc. There should have been no defense made. But it their right and BR posted their reply.

Those at the turn around point also made it difficult for runners to get their strings. As pointed out earlier, they missed one turn around. Oh well, hope to be in a better race next time. I hope organizers can also check on the coarse right before the race to remove possible obstacles. Im not blaming anyone for my mishap but if the big stone wasnt there on the roard, I wouldnt have been injured. I still cant run, maybe 2 more weeks. : (

From Lonerunner—One good thing abt the last PSE would be the water station. As I said many times before runners mainly just need 3 things water, safety and a good clock.

From Reinier6666—To the organisers, Argent Network International Corp/ Full Shot Advertizing, so many comment and review has been written by different bloggers rearding the PSE Bull Run, they are not meant to put you down, but, to highlight things for improvement (unfortunately there are a lot), however, positive things also have been point out which are to your credit.

I am a bit DISAPPOINTED on your comment asking for specifics with respect to circumstance/s that you have been “notorious for not being able to look for the safety and welfare o the paying runners/walkers” This is the major shortfall of the event, ROAD SAFETY, try to read the the different blogs of runners and do also conduct personal interview of participants, WE ALL HAVE TO RUN AND FIGHT FOR THE ROAD. The best evidence is look at the photo of  BALD RUNNER’S Blog entry dated Janaury 20th, the 4th picture showing runners sandwiched by vechiles! Do we need to say more?

From High Altitude—at least the race organizer are aware of our concerns. Several cases, race organizer didn’t care at all. And at least they know that we’re just not a mere runner who participate in a race, run and that’s it. we do care everything!

From RunMD—Regarding the strings, some runners were even asked by the marshalls to pick up the strings strewn on the road at our feet. Imagine running at race pace and suddenly stopping to stoop down and pick up a string! Recipe for disaster.

They were also very inefficient in recording the runners’ finishing times. Mine was not in the final list. It was a good thing that I have a watch and I always monitor my own time.

The race owner and the race organizers did not anticipate the huge turnout of fun runners because previous years records show a low trend for such type of race participants — this is an unacceptable excuse because they knew a lot of people were registering. They could have made some logistical changes a few days before.

This race was really bound to fail from the start. Registration was very difficult to start with. Singlets were not immediately available. Why ask people to pay 200 and not have their singlets ready? They could have opted to issue singlets in one size if the organizers are afraid of overproduction. Or just charge us PHP 100 and give out bibs only if you cannot provide singlets on time.

Oh and what about the unprofessional and uncouth emcee?

Some fun runs are not fun at all. This is a perfect example.

From Moljcy—Is this supposed to be an apology letter? or just a response letter? The last thing an accused should do is to start defending themselves. Less talk less mistake. This is just awful!

I personally did not participate in this race but i think if the people who attended it have the same sentiments, there must be some truth to it. Instead of trying to “defend” themselves, i think it would have been nicer or at least looked nicer if the organizers just took the comments in stride and offered to improved on their dismal efforts.

From Banana Running—“The content of program after the race was a decision made by the race owner – which is the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). We have already communicated this with PSE.” – hmm dear organiser, if you listened to your emcee i seriously doubt that you would have put this statement out. He was heckling the UMAK cheerers while they were doing their complicated routine , he made fun of one of runners with a handicap. I really dont think that the Philippine Stock Exchange – The Race Owner – would have been pleased about it.

It’s a booming sport … we can all work to improve with every event. Goodluck!

From JDCanono—Seems to be a lot of excuses instead of measures to improve future events. This is also my second encounter with the emcee who fails to give info and is offensive with his comments. He was trying to make people check in at 5:00 am when many runners do not yet have their bibs and singlets since they were unable to get these in advance.

From Bugobugo—the experience we had at montalban last december with the same organizers and the foul-mouthed emcee seems to have happened again in this run. in montalban,we had to make do with water that tasted and smelled straight from the gutters that not even an animal would dare drink.there was no water station in the last 7 kilometers or so.there were no marshals especially after the turnaround that we had to run in the middle of the main road of montalban amidst traffic.our gripes go on and on.when will this organizer shape up?maybe,they should join their own race and see for themselves the agonies we go through.alas, by doing a point by point defense of their shortcomings,they instead exposed themselves to the flimsiest defense of all-empty talk.

and to the emcee,stop your blabbering and yacking needlessly because we are not amused by your antics.better take it to the peryahan.baka sakali doon mabili pa ang style make fun of other people.why not join us in the next race and we will let you eat our dust.

specifics you mean guys?- open your eyes and come run with us instead being at the comfort of your seats during race day.mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulug-tulugan.

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