Pinoy Ultramarathoners In California

16 01 2009

Sometime in Septemper 2008, I featured the Race Reports of Ben Gaetos and Carmela Layson for joining the famous Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run in 2007 in this blog. Last year, these two well-known Pinoy ultramarathon runners finished the 2008 Angeles Crest 100-Mile Run (again!) with more hours to spare before the cut-off time of 33 hours.

After knowing and meeting these two fine ultra runners while I was in California last year, I had maintained regular contact with them through e-mails and they became my adviser/consultant for the preparation/s of the 1st Bataan 102 Ultramarathon Race to be held in April 5, 2009.

It is fortunate that Ben Gaetos, an architect with the Department of Public Works in Los Angeles City, will be visiting the country next month and he will be joining the “test run and clinic” for the participants of the Bataan ultramarathon event on 22 February 2009. His presence will surely give the participants the needed “inputs” for them to survive and finish the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

To the “Hardcores” , Team Bald Runner and future ultra runners, let us give a VIP welcome/treatment to our friend, Ben, during his visit to the country. By the way, he will be donating one Balikbayan Box full of “used” running shoes from Carmela Layson, from him and from the members of his running club in California.

Welcome home, Ben!


Ben with the Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnazes at the December 2008 Catalina Eco Marathon


Ben at the turn-around point on top of Mt Baldy, California.


Mt Baden-Powell Trail as part of the Angeles Crest 100-mile Endurance Trail Run


Carmela Layson during a 100-Km run in California


Ben dedicated his 2008 Angeles Crest 100-Mile Race Bib to BR. Thanks, Ben. I hope I could qualify in 2010 or 2011!


Ben & Carmela (both in eyeglasses) with the Finishers of Mt Disappointment 50K/50M Ultra Trail Run in 2008. Ben & Carmela finished the 50-Mile Race while David Goggins finished the 50K Race. Guys, I hope I could run this race this year! You will be my “pacers”/crew!




8 responses

17 01 2009

Jovie, just say when to give them a party so we could plan and maybe make use of the occasion as a get together of the group.

17 01 2009

thank you very much..we’ll inform you and the group of the plan to receive a fellow “hardcore” from los angeles. god bless & my prayers…

18 01 2009

Thank you for the write up, Sir Jovie. I’m looking forward to meeting you and our fellow hardcores. For the first time, I will be meeting not just 1-2 Pinoys in a run. Minsan ako lang mag-isa. I’m not fast but just built to run a long(er) distance.

18 01 2009

ben, since you will be in the country, you will be running and surrounded with “hardcore” pinoy runners. of course, you are not fast but finishng a 100-mile ultra run in the mountains is something to be proud of. hey, i know that you are doing these ultra races almost every month, which to us is unbelievable. see you soon!

18 01 2009

to Mr. Ben,
It’s my pleasure and honor to be able to receive a seed of ultramarathon from you.

BR, as always, thanks for arranging this event for us!

19 01 2009

jerry, with your attitude in running, i know you have the potentials of an ultramarathoner

23 01 2009

Excellent write-up BR! Nice photos too; I’m so envious of Ben G. and Carmela L. for running THAT trail up the mountain there. I know of Carmela, but not so much of Ben.

Compared to them, I’m a slacker. Haven’t made it much beyond a 50-miler. Thinking hard about a 100K or a 24-hour race in 2009. I still have plenty of goals in the 26.2 and HIM/IM races to keep me outside of the 100-milers. For a while anyway.

I am so friggin’ tempted to run with you all in April. Uggh! That’s probably the race to be, since it is the inaugural and on the REAL path where history occurred. So green with envy.


24 01 2009

ben and carmelo deserve such post and i really appreciate their accomplishments in ultramarathon in california. the bataan 102 has only 18 slots left out of the limited runners of 100. the runners are excited to experience this ultra run which is historical. maybe, you can come over and join us. i’ll reserve a slot especially for you.

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