Project “Donate A Shoe”

This concept or project of donating my old running but still reliable running shoes and encouraging others runners to donate their old shoes was born out from my observations of seeing young and senior runners participating in weekend road races, most especially in the 2008 Pasig River International Marathon last February 2008, who were seen with tattered and worn-out running shoes, walking and limping on the side of the road. So, I decided to post the pictures of my old running shoes to let the other runners know if they are in need of my old shoes or share the information to other runners and maybe, ultimately, make my offer reach to the needy ones. The comments of The Bull Runner, Banana Running, Quick Silver Runner, Mark, Cecil/Miraclecello, Benov, Datc, and others from that post inspired me to push through with this project through the help of my Officers & Staff of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club, Inc. And I am glad that this project was later endorsed by these bloggers in their respective posts.

As promised in my succeeding post (Collection Point), my staff was able to set-up a “Collection/Distribution” Booth for this project at the Mizuno Infinity Run. Initially, I donated four running shoes and the following “good-hearted runners” shared their old shoes, too:

1) Don Fernando Zobel—He removed his running shoes, ASICS GT-2110, and donated them to the project

2) Bards Bathan aka Banana Running—Gave her Mizuno Wave Inspire 3.0

3) Mesh Villanueva—Gave an Adidas Adizero

4) Duane Santos and Eric Pasion–NIKE Max-Air

5) Jenny and Ninoy Leyran—Two (2) New Balance Shoes: NB 614 & Abzorb 900

6) Mark Bata—Three pairs of running shoes: Nike Air; Adidas Torsion; and Adidas CC Cushion

In total, my staff was able to collect thirteen (13) pairs of running shoes! Six (6) of these were given to the following recipients:

1) John Cervantes

2) Nonito Ubay

3) Genevieve De La Pena

4) Claudio Enero Jr.

5) Eduardo Medina

6) Vicente Polinan

Three (3) of my old shoes were taken by three among the recipients. The remaining shoes (7 shoes) will be brought to the next road race next weekend for display/distribution to qualified recipients.


Genevieve De La Pena got my Nike Air Max.


This is how a “tattered and worn-out” running shoes looks like which the owner exchanged with a better one after using it in the Mizuno 10K Run.


This might be the lightest and most ventilated running shoe in the world whose owner does not even know the importance of support, stability, torsion control, and comfort that the latest running shoes provide to the legs and body. 


These are some of the donated shoes. The ASICS GT-2110 at the right was the running shoes of Don Fernando Zobel.


One of the recipients of the donated running shoes trying his size with his “new” running shoes.

This project will continue as long as there are road races and we will make that our “Collection/Distribution” Booth will be a permanent fixture in all of the future road races in Metro Manila.

To all the donors and “future” donors to this project, thank you very much! We wish you more blessings and successes in your life!


5 thoughts on “Project “Donate A Shoe”

  1. Sayang! When my friend and I got to the booth you were gone. I did get to to see the some of shoes traded in for those donated last sunday. I admired these runners even more. I am known to whine about cushioning of a shoe etc but some of these runners are using really worn out shoes na. More power to your project Baldrunner! and next time we will have pix with you na rin. hehehe


  2. markfb

    Hey that’s my Adidas Torsion on the last pic! Glad somebody picked it up. Those pair has a lot of sentimental value. For starters, it was my official run shoe for years. It was also the pair my wife (gf at that time) picked up for me during our first year together. The sole is the original design of torsion. That particular model was actually suited in running during the cold season in germany. (Thats the info I got when I googled it years back) : )

    Buti pa yung CC cushion na binigay ko, nakatabi iyong asics ni Don Jaime. Eh ako, nadaanan lang nya ako sa bilis ng pace nya last Sunday. He finished at 1:13:04 even beating the time of my super fast friend Lala Calma. Aside from Bald Runner, Don Jaime is now one of the real runners I admire. My goal is to be as fit as you guys when I add more years to my age. (That’s a very nice way to deliver it instead of saying when I grow older. hehehe)


  3. kingofpots

    bards, i had to change my wet running attire to include my socks & shoes & had a plane to catch back to capiz after eating hot beef mami at causeway. so i am sorry, i was not able to meet you at the “booth”. i’ll see you at the next race & i’ll see to it that we’ll have picture-taking. thanks for supporting the “project”..and extend my regards and thanks to your friend, mesh.

    mark, thanks for supporting the “project”. i am sure your other shoe will be taken by a less fortunate runner in the next road race. Don Fernando Zobel is younger by almost 8 years from my age and I hope we can run with him side by side in the next road races in the future and that would be a nice goal. thanks for the comments and insights.


  4. Sir Jovie!

    I’ll be donating another pair of shoes… I was talking to Lemuel the other day. I’ll make it a point, or try my best at least to be able to donate shoes in every race. I’ve already told my friends and other people I know who might be willing to donate. Hopefully, they all respond 🙂

    I was waiting for a post on where you would be running so that I’d could donate them. Well, your recent comment says Fort on the 13th! See you there sir! And hopefully, I got to get a snapshot 🙂


  5. kingofpots

    Eric, wow! thank you very much for doing the extra effort of spreading the news about the project to your friends. i was informed by my staff that the “Donate A Shoe” booth will be in a road race in Paranaque this Sunday. thanks & keep on running. i’ll be seeing you on the 13th at The Fort.


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