Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge

This is a sports event that I introduced when I was the Assistant Chief of Staff for Training and Education, G-8, of the Philippine Army in 2000. Being the overall head for Training and Education for the Philippine Army, I strictly implemented the Commanding General’s Policy of the Philippine Army on the implementation of the Philippine Army Physical Fitness to all its Officers and Enlisted Men for them to pass the standards set forth according to one’s age.

This Physical Fitness Test consists of Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and 2-Mile Run which is done in that order in one session with at least 15 minutes of rest in between event/exercise. The Push-ups and Sit-Ups have a time duration of performance of 2 minutes which means that you have to make your repetitions within 2 minutes. There is a Table of Reference for the number of repetitions for the push-ups & sit-ups and time of finish in the 2-mile run that correspond/equivalent to a certain rating or grade. The passing rating/grade is 70% depending on one’s age. (The older the person is, the lesser number of repetitons needed to pass the push-ups & sit-ups, and lesser time to finish the 2-mile run). This test is done on a quarterly basis. For officers who fail or did not take the test, they will be reprimanded, not considered for promotion, not considered for local & foreign schoolings, not considered for “commander” positions, and they will undergo physical fitness improvement classes & duties. For enlisted personnel who fails or did not take the test, they will be demoted to lower ranks and undergo physical fitness classes & duties.

Later, I thought of making this an sports event as part of the Month’s long celebration of the Philippine Army’s Foundation Anniversary during the month of March. I got this idea when I came across a sports event in San Diego, California which was dubbed as “Navy Seals Fitness Challenge” when I was visiting my family in Los Angeles in the summer of 1999. The sports event consisted of five events—swimming, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and running.

My “shop” in the Philippine Army Headquarters came up with the “mechanics” of translating our Physical Fitness Test into what is now called the “Army Physical Fitness Challenge”. Every repetition of the Push-Ups and Sit-ups corresponds to a certain point and the time of finish in the 2-mile run corresponds also to a number of points. The higher the number of accumulated points from these three events, the better chances for a participant to land on the top list. There are age categories on this event and a separate awards for the male and female groups. It’s inaugural event started on the PA Anniversary in March 2000. Since then, it became a hit and a success that even national athletes and civilians started to join the said event.

At present, the 8th Annual Army Physical Fitness Challenge will be held o/a 6:00 AM of 13 March 2008 (next Thursday) at the Hqs Philippine Army Grandstand, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For particulars, contact PA Gymnasium or Special Service Unit, PA in Fort Bonifacio. 

Everybody is invited to join and experience this event. Minimal participating fee is required.

If you want to test yourself on the Army Physical Fitness Test, please click here.

Note: I’ve been a consistent Gold Medal Physical Fitness Medal/Badge Awardee (100% rating) for the past 10 years.

4 thoughts on “Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge

  1. hello po, interesting po ito ah parang gusto kong i-try just to test myself, pwede pong mk hingi ng contact number ng PA Gymnasium or Special Service Unit, maraming salamat po.


  2. jhunie, pls contact staff sgt efren castro of Special Service Unit (SSU) of the Philippine Army with CP # 0928-352-6587. hope to see you there.


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