2-Hour Walking @ Boracay Beach

I had a two-hour walking at the Boracay Beach yesterday afternoon and lasted up to early evening. I started from the northernmost part of the beachfront up to the southern end, south of Lorenzo Beach Resort.

I was trying to study the inclination of the beach towards the water or sealine and find out portions along the beachfront where the sand is hard or the sand is too loose for the feet.

Why? How about a “Boracay Beach Mile Run” or any road race along the beachfront every Easter Sunday? Why not? 

In the ’80s, the late Fred Lebow of the New York City Marathon’s Race Director started with the “New York City Mile Run” which ultimately became as the “5th Avenue Mile” Run today and usually done during the month of September by the New York Road Runners.

In the Boracay run, there will be only two categories: running barefoot and running with running shoes!

Anyway, I enjoyed walking along the beach with my running shoes thinking of such plans to be realized soon.

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