Training Journal

11-17 November 2007

11 Nov (Sunday)—–Rest, One Hour Swedish Body Massage

12 Nov (Monday)—-Slow Run along 2-mile route inside camp @  9:30-10:00 pace/mile.

             Ran 5 X 2 miles from 5:20-7:00 PM.

             Average Pace–9:51 per mile or 6:09.3 per kilometer.

             Total Time—1:38:32

             Total Distance—10 miles/16 kilometers.

              Stretching After Run—15 minutes

Comments: Getting stronger and more relaxed. Better and longer strides. Breathing rythym much improved. Sunday rest, 7-hour sleep in the evening  and body massage greatly contributed for a better performance. Drank water every 2 miles. Cooler weather in the early evening. Had to run slower on dark spots/areas along the road without street lights. Camp streets will be fully lighted within 1-2 weeks!

13 Nov (Tuesday)—-CrossTraining (Cycling/Stationary Biking)/ One Hr

               Used my Mountain Bike mounted on a Minoura Trainer

                Time of Activity—-5:30-6:30 PM

                 Average Speed—–21-23 kms/hour

                 Cycling RPM——-80-85 rpm (Average)

                 Low/High RPM—70/105 rpm

                 Estimated Distance Covered—-21-22 kms

Comments: Had slight high blood pressure of 130/90 before biking. I made short hill walking prior to my blood pressure test. Still tired from yesterday’s run, slept average of 5 hours last night & woke up early this morning. My butt is sore for not biking for the past two months! It was a nice cross-training workout. The whole floor was wet with my sweat. I have to sleep early tonight for my fast tempo run tomorrow!

14 Nov (Wednesday)—Speed Run/Tempo

               5 X 1 Km @ 5:50-6:00 min pace per repetition

               1 Km Recovery Run in between reps @ 6:33-6:45 min

               1.5 Km Warm Up Run @ 7:00 min pace per km

               1.5 Km Cool Down Run @ 7:30 min pace per km

               Time of Run—2:20-3:45 PM; Cloudy skies

               Total Distance Covered—8.125 Miles/13 Kms

               Total Aggregate Time—1:24:15

Comments: I was running along the beachfront of Boracay from North, Station 0 to Station 3, end of the white beach in the South  and vice-versa, which covers a distance of about 5 Kms. I practically ran the whole white sand stretch for three times. I had slow runs along Stations 2 & 3 as the sand was very loose. My feet could hardly hit the ground on stable condition as my feet were buried in the sand. I could hardly kick my legs and bring up my knees fast because of the unstable & loose ground. The workout strengthened my knees and ankles. I feel pain on my knees and ankles right now. I need to rest them early tonight. The sky was cloudy and weather was not hot. As I ran towards the north, I was going against the wind which gave little resistance to my runs. I ended the workout with a “Halo-Halo” with lots of crushed ice at Cindy’s @ The Mall!

15 Nov (Thursday)—Rest, Swedish Massage @ Riviera Spa, Iloilo City

Comments: Had 10 minutes Sauna and one hour of Swedish Massage in Iloilo City after attending a meeting. Slept early in the evening & had 7 hours of sleep.

16 Nov (Friday)—Rest, No Run

17 Nov (Saturday)—Rest, No Run

Comments: It’s been raining for the past two days. I needed these two days to rest and read my books.

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