Runners’ Blog

Little did I know that the Internet is full of runners’ blogsites. Last night, while browsing on my past postings in my other blogsite, I noticed that some “visitors” clicked on my postings regarding my running practices in preparation for a sports activity. This gave me the idea to come up with my blogsite specifically for my running activities.

I have seen blogsites of new, young and old runners in the Philippines as well as in other countries. But, “The Bull Runner” inspired me to make this blog and through my recollections of my past running feats, I could share my insights and experiences for the past so many years that I had been running to other runners and “would-be” runners.

Life, in itself, is a marathon race.

One thought on “Runners’ Blog

  1. Hi Bald Runner! I’m glad to have played my little part in this blog of yours. I enjoyed reading about how running has changed over the years and how you’ve managed to remain passionate about it. Thanks for all the great tips you’ve shared. I’m looking forward to reading more here.

    Oh, I love the photo you have with your daughter. 🙂


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