More On PMA’s Gidaya Run & Triathlon

Gidaya Run

This race was named after the late “General Ernesto Gidaya” who was once a Superintendent of PMA in the early ’70s, later became the Ambassador to Israel during the Marcos Administration and lately as a Member of the House of Representatives, representing the Party Lists’ Veterans Freedom Party before he died two years ago.

The longest course (for 29 years and below) has an estimated distance of 12K where Km # 7 is along the Baguio Airstrip; Km # 9 to Km # 11 is the “killer mountain trail”; and the rest is downhill from the PMA Chapel and flat terrain up to the finish line.

The other courses (for 30-39 years old and 40-49 years old) are estimated to have 10K and 7K distances, respectively.

Since I belong to the 50 and above years old category, I will join the shorter race which is about 3K distance. The course starts with a short flat route of about 500-600 meters from the Air Control Tower of Baguio Airport then crossing the airstrip towards the mountain, south of the airstrip. When I was a cadet, this “mountain trail” from the airstrip to the PMA Chapel was a “killer” one and I could remember that I had overtaken a number of my running rivals on this part of the course when I was a member of the Marathon Team of “Charlie” Company during my early “plebe” year.

I could not remember when this road race (Gidaya Run) had started and I got the information about this run last year from my brother. Last year, my brother, Samuel, placed 1st Runner-Up (2nd Place) in the 50 years and above category. The Assistant Superintendent of PMA (who was then a Brigadier General and now a newly-promoted Major General of the Philippine Air Force) won the Championship for the 50+ Age Category last year.

This will be my first time to participate in the Gidaya Run and I am aiming for the Championship Trophy in my Age Category!

PMA Triathlon

My brother, Samuel, is a “devotee” to this event and never missed this event during the Annual Alumni Homecoming of PMA. He had been a consistent top winner in his Age Category. He participated the Gidaya Run and PMA Triathlon last year.

The event starts with a 30-lap swim at the PMA 25-meter swimming pool; mountain/race bike ride 3x along the PMA Swimming Pool area-PMA Gate Checkpoint-and back to Swimming Pool area loop; and running along the said loop which has a distance of 5 kilometers.


Civilian Guest Runners and Triathletes (except our National & Elite Athletes) are encouraged to join these events. You are considered as “Special Guests” of Bald Runner, PMA Class 1975!

See you in PMA, Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City on the 15th of February 2008!