“Cavite”: The Movie

29 02 2008

When I last visited my family in Los angeles in December 2006, my daughter asked me if I’ve seen the movie “Cavite” and I was surprised to hear the title of the movie and I said “No”. That was the first time that I heard about that movie and I didn’t bother to ask further questions. However, my daughter recommended that I have to see it or look for a DVD copy of it.

On the day my daughter left Manila for Los Angeles last 22 February, she gave me a DVD original copy of the movie as a gift which she bought at Powerbooks at Powerplant. From its pack, the movie is an “indie” or an independent movie which was made by non-popular movie outfit, actor, producer, etc. I tried to play the DVD to my notebook but it could not play it because the DVD was not made for my notebook’s DVD player.

So, yesterday, I asked one of the officers at the Transient Facility to set-up a DVD player in our living room. Well, the movie’s story/plot is nice and I can relate myself with the movie as I was once assigned in Mindanao when I was a young officer fighting the MNLF in Maguindanao and lately, in Zamboanga City and Basilan fighting the Abu Sayaff Group (ASG).

I don’t want to tell the story/plot but if you are a  Christian or non-Muslim, you could see another perception/insight of what and why violence and terrorism still prevail in Mindanao in the eyes and minds of the Muslims.


Note: This movie is a “fiction”!

Insights & Plans

5 12 2007

I watched two movies last week, “Hitman” and “The Kingdom”. These are good movies where I can personally relate. I have a better bald head shape than “Special Agent # 47” who speaks like the young Clint Eastwood in his “Spaghetti/Italian Cowboy Movies”, which were popular when I was still in college. “The Kingdom” reminds me of my personal experiences during one of the fiercest fights in Basilan in the early 2000’s where I nearly got killed.

I bought my new “New Balance” Running Shorts last Saturday, a day before the 10K RUNNEX, with 60% discount at the New Balance Store in Shangrila Mall. The shorts was the one I used in the said road race. It matches with my New Balance 902 shoes. Unfortunately, the singlet for the shorts was already “sold-out”. I later found out that the shorts is water-resistant!

The top winners in the 10K Runnex Run are executives who are 15-20 years younger than me. When I was in their ages, I was running 10K races in 40-45 minutes. The top ten runners’ time ranges from 41-47 minutes. How I wish I could bring back those times. But with the runner’s training that I had started for the past 4-5 weeks, I could still lower my PR best time for the 10K race below 50 minutes and finish the marathon below 4 hours. These are my running target goals: 47-49 minutes for the 10K & 3:45:00-3:55:00 for the marathon.

More training & homework to be done in Jamindan. I need to do more hill running workouts along the mountain trails and faster tempo runs along the concrete roads of Capiz. I need more strengthening exercises for my upper torso & leg muscles.

I need to train in Baguio City this Holiday/X’mas season for my altitude training. I hope to go back to the “colored trails”/mountain trails at the edges of Camp John Hay and find out if they are still there.

I am planning to run the 21K Subic Marathon on 20 January 2008.

The 7th DND-AFP “Gintong Pangarap” Half-Marathon Race on 17 February 2008 is being planned to be conducted. The race will be managed by the Philippine Air Force. Tentative route: Camp Villamor-The Fort-Kalayaan Overpass-Buendia & Back to Camp Villamor. This will be a nice long run race one week prior to the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon. 

My posting on the 1st City of Angels Half-Marathon in Los Angeles which shows my picture with my daughter running the said race is becoming the Nr. 1 top post in my blog due to many “hits” for the past few days prior to the conduct of the 2nd City of Angels Half-Marathon. My daughter paid $ 50.00 for a CD where all my pictures were copied and stored. It was made by professionals, “Brightroom: Professional Event Photography”.

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