This post should have been published in my blog last week.

Last May 28, 2009, I posted a blog entitled “What If…?” and I made some predictions on what the public or the running community reaction would be if in case there is a case of death of a runner caused by joining a marathon or road race. Reading back at the said post, I think my predictions did not happen and will not happen now that we have a reported case of death in a road race.

A day after the 34th MILO Marathon Manila Elimination Race, I got an information/status update from Facebook that a runner died during the race. It was confirmed by other runners that there was such a case of death on the said road race.

Reading back on the posts/blogs after the MILO Marathon from and other runner-bloggers who participated in the said race, the topics that I’ve read were all about frustrations, cheating, injuries, lack of medals, lack of hydration needs on the last 10 kilometers of the race and prevention of heat-related injuries or cases…but nobody tried to inform the running community about the case of death during the 34th MILO Marathon Manila Elimination Race or wrote a detailed account about the death of this runner. What I’ve read is about the death of a (Malaysian) runner in the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon last month! Why do you have to blog and re-post the death of a Malaysian runner and keep silent on the death of your co-Filipino runner? I think that is not fair! 

I wonder why nobody among the Filipino runner-bloggers wrote about this Filipino runner who died at the 34th MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations? I wonder also why the traditional media outlets in our country kept “silent” about this incident. I hope one or two runners who tried to help the victim would be able to say something about this case or maybe, an officemate or co-running club member would be able to say something about the person…maybe, his name, age, number of years of running, and health condition before the run. A simple interview with the family, relatives and friends would be better to find out the background of this runner. I hope the frontRUNNER Magazine will do its work to find out the details and write about this case so that the running community will be aware of such cases in running.

Or maybe, the runner died because our Medical Support are not properly trained or well-equipped to react appropriately to running cases and injuries such as this. The same case that happened to my former classmates who died due to heat stroke.

I may not be an investigative reporter or member of the CSI but a detailed information about this case should be heard from Team MILO/NESTLE, Phils and the Race Organizers on the details to answer the questions WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, WHY, and HOW…and the ACTION TAKEN by the people responsible on the said road race.

Guys, this is NEWS! The public, especially the running community, deserves to know the TRUTH! ( This is the “overused” line you always here from the media! Right?). We have to learn something from this case with the hope that we could prevent this thing from happening again.

Cheating, Death, Frustrations, Redemptions, Happiness, Friendships, Betrayal, Power, etc….the Marathon Race offers a lot of DRAMA…like LIFE!

(Note: While trying to find details about this death and while waiting for the Official Statement from MILO/NESTLE, Inc, I happened to discover the Official Statement from Mr Rudy Fuentes, the father of the casualty, posted on the Internet. I will post the Official Statement of MILO/NESTLE, Inc. soon).