City of Angels Half-Marathon

I just got the news that my “Marathon Kids” (son & daughter) will be running the 2nd City of Angels Half-Marathon in Los Angeles on the 2nd of December 2007, this Sunday. It will be the first run for my son and the second time for my daughter. My wife told me that my son, John, had been running regularly and trying to prepare for this race while he is busy with his studies in the College of Law. My wife is not sure whether our daughter is well-prepared and diligently trained for this race event. I hope she was regularly joining her running sessions with her club without the knowledge of her Mom. I wish them both “Good Luck and More Power”.

My daughter had a sad experience with the organizers of this race last year. The organizers lost her designated race number! Her race number was stolen by another runner. In the US, race packets to registered runners are available for pick-up in one of the Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles, a day before the scheduled race. On this particular race, my daughter and I went to LA Hilton Hotel in Downtown in the morning of Saturday (o3 Dec 2006) to get our respective racing packets. To our surprise, her race number had been taken by another runner! Her designated race number was #2888 and it was stolen! This is not supposed to happen as other race organizers in LA (LA Marathon) would look first with the identification card (Driver’s License or California ID Card) of each runner before giving his/her race packet. I had a suspicion that the guy who got her race number was a Chinese!

My daughter was given another race number and runner’s chip on the day we tried to pick-up her race packet.

We later found out from the results of the race that an unknown male runner used my daughter’s race number and started and finished way behind us. He finished the race in 2 hrs 33 minutes & 03 seconds with split time at 10K in 1 hr 06 minutes & 14 seconds. He had 10:40 minutes pace in the 10K and 11:41 minutes pace for the half-marathon. The guy did not register for the race but just simply run the race using my daughter’s original designated race number.

In the US, registration in road races are done “On Line” or through a designated Website in the Internet. Late registrations are done a day before the race on the designated place where race packets are being personally & individually picked-up by registered runners. Each race packet has  inside in it the following—runner’s race number, complimentary T-shirt or Finisher’s T-shirt or singlet, runner’s chip, route map, instructions of parking areas or drop-off point where runners are being picked-up by bus and transported to the starting line/area, and other complimentary products of sponsors. Strictly, there are no late registrations on the day of the race!

How I wish this kind of procedure in the US shall be applied here in the Philippines.