Two Days Rest

For this week, I have two days rest from my running training last Monday & Tuesday.

I met my staff and officers after the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony in the camp. We discussed about the progress of our mission and projects in our area of responsibility. Our daily combat and non-combat operations did not affect the “disturbance” in Makati City last 29 November 2007.

On that day, my “boys” were able to recover two (2) high-powered firearms (M16 rifles) and ammunition from two members of the CPP/NPA operating in Negros Island who eventually surrendered and fed up being “Red Fighters” of the insurgent movement. These insurgents told to the authorities that they don’t have food to eat in the mountains and the populace are no longer supporting them.

It was raining continuously here in the mountains of Jamindan last Monday & Tuesday. I am glad the one hectare that I have newly planted with Jatropha Curcas had been nourished with the rains. We planted 2,500 Jatropha plants as a pilot project in our search for alternative source of oil. Another one hectare is being prepared for our demonstration/pilot project for sweet sorghum production.

I had more time to read, alternately, the two books I bought from National Book Store, Iloilo City—“Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day” by Joel Osteen and “The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials; Book I” by Philip Pullman. Both books are nice to read, but Joel Osteen’s book inspires me a lot and brings out the best in me every day.