“GF 405 Sucks! I am Going Back To GF 305”

1 09 2009

My old GF 305 finally laid to rest after I could not put on its power two months ago. The old GF 305 which was my first GPS runner’s watch lasted for one year and seven months.

My GF 405 was sold to me at a discounted price from a runner-friend from USA who visited the country. But it was stored in my locker as my GF 305 was still working. Later, I used it as my casual watch and tried to learn the features as I was confused with “touch” functions on its bezel.

After my GF 305 died down, I had to use the GF 405. But instead of being “user-friendly” like the GF 305, I had a hard time adjusting myself to a more “high-tech” GF 405. Finally, I have to use the GF 405 as my casual watch and use the GF 305 that my son, John, sent me when my old GF 305 was giving me some problems on the early part of this year.

I hate the GF 405 because of the following reasons:

1) It is more expensive than the GF 305.

2) I hate the sensitive bezel that the data on my watch would scroll as my sweat would drop on the watch. While running under a light rain, the data on the display would also scroll.

3) After a few months, the light (illumination) of the watch is no longer working!

4) For three (3) instances, I could not upload the data from the watch to my laptop computer. I never encountered this problem with my old GF 305. 

5) There is a maximum of 3 fields/separate data that could be seen on the watch’s display. The GF 305 has 4 fields displayed.

6) My eyes are weak as I need a reading glass and I could hardly see the data on the GF 405. The big numbers on the GF 305 display could be easily seen with my bare eyes.

I am still highly recommending the reliable GF 305 to runners who are serious on the distance, elevation, HR and time of their running workouts.

(Note: I have a friend who arrived from the US and he left me eight (8) pieces of GF 305, brand-new, for sale! Price: P 9,500 Only per piece!)

ASICS & Olympic Games 2008 Marathon

25 06 2008

From the time I started running in the early ’80s, my running shoes were limited to only two brands, New Balance & ASICS. However, a few months back, I donated my remaining New Balance shoes (NB 902 & NB Trail Shoes) through my “Project Donate A Shoe” to other runners who are in need of better and more reliable running shoes. Since then, all my running shoes are from the ASICS brand.


I came across this news article from the International Herald Tribune about the new technology and advancement in the running shoe industry as revealed by research & development people of ASICS shoes. The man behind this new technology is Hitoshi Mimura, 59 years old, a former marathon runner who became a master craftsman for ASICS, the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer.


Hereunder is the news article. For the elite athletes, anything that could make them faster and have a better finish time is the way of the future. 


Happy reading! Read the rest of this entry »

“Garmin Forerunner Club”

5 02 2008

At last, I am now a member of what I call as the “Garmin Forerunner Club”. These are the runners, bikers and other sports enthusiasts who wear a “Garmin Forerunner Watch”. My wife bought me a Garmin Forerunner (GF) 305 weeks ago and it was brought by my daughter to Manila who just arrived from Los Angeles last Monday.

After the Clark 10K Run, BenMChan warned me not to buy GF 305 and told me to wait for the availability of GF 405 in the market. But I found out that my wife already ordered “on line” and got the cheapest price for the watch. I found out later that the GF 305 was “on sale” because of the new GF 405 which has a higher price.

So, I have the whole day reading the manual for the watch, “tinkering” the buttons, charging its battery, going out of my quarters to “locate” the satellites, and having it programmed and sync to my laptop computer.

Last night, I made a test run and ran from my quarters to McKinley Hill-C-5 entrance-back to Lawton Avenue-The Fort-3X around Bonifacio High Street loop-Jollibee-McDonalds-Lawton Avenue-Bayani Road and back to my quarters. The GF 305 registered a total distance run of 9.61 miles with a time of 1:32:38 hours; with an average speed of 9:39 minutes per mile and my fastest pace was 6:44 minutes per mile.

The GF 305 is very impressive and I was able to see and track the route I’ve taken through its GPS readings of my location and the graph that indicates the distance, time and speed of my run once I connect/sync the watch to my laptop computer.

The Bald Runner is becoming a “high-tech” runner!


28 12 2007

Yesterday, I bought a TIMEX Watch at SM City Iloilo which is called “Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor” (Product Code: T5J031) with a Complimentary Free Men’s Watch (Stainless Steel Case & Wristband) which cost me less than Five Thousand Pesos.

I used it during my running workout yesterday afternoon with the Digital Heart Rate Sensor Pads fastened firmly below my sternum using an elastic belt that goes around my body.

Based from my age (Max. HR=220 minus 55), I set my Heart Rate Zone between 135 to 165 (lowest & highest peak Heart Rate). After my running and dumbbell/sit-ups/push-ups workouts, the watch registered the following:

Peak Heart Rate—156

Minimum Heart Rate—114

Average Heart Rate—144

Total Calories—255

Range of Heart Rate During Gym Workout—125-135

Since my running workout was an easy run, I was not able to experience the feeling of reaching the Maximum Heart Rate. I have tried reaching my Max Heart Rate on Cardio machines at Gold’s Gym by grasping on their handle bars but I would like to feel the difference while using this TIMEX Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

RFID Technology

11 12 2007

At last, “running/runner’s chips” are here in the country! I just read an article in one of the daily newspapers  about the conduct of the “New Balance Power Race 2007: The Next Level” held last 11 November 2007 at Clark Freeport where RFID Timing Technology or popularly known as “runner’s chips” were used by the runners.

These are three famous systems in the market today on RFID Timing Technology: “ChampionChip”; “Winning Time USA” & “AMB”. 

This “chip” initiates the start of the runners’ time from the start line and registers the lapsed time once a runner passes through the finish line. The start & finish lines are equipped with antenna/transponder which is covered by a mat/rubber carpet. The antenna/transponder activates the “runner’s chip” once it passes through the mat/carpet. It is imperative that each runner should not pass the start line before the firing of the gun! This will discourage runners from “cheating” at the start line or along the route as more transponders could be placed to measure time splits every 10 kms/miles.

Shown below are the pictures I’ve taken with my runner’s chip I used in the Inaugural City of Angels Half-Marathon last 03 December 2006. This chip is from ChampionChip!

            dsc01145.jpg      dsc01144.jpg

I hope to see these “runner’s chips” in all the local road races and marathon races in Metro Manila/Subic/Clark soon!

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