Fresh Coconuts

I have coconut trees in my backyard but they are too tall that nobody among my assistants can climb them and harvest their fruits. For the past 4-5 years, the fruits of our coconut trees are just left to mature and dry from the tree until they just drop to the ground. This is the reason why I have a collection of young coconut seedlings ready to be planted in my backyard. So far, I have counted 36 seedlings ready to be planted.

In the last few days, I would ask my assistant to look for fresh coconut in the neighborhood and in small stores to be purchased for my daily drinks. After spending a few pesos for this activity, I thought of asking my assistant for anybody who could be paid to harvest fresh coconuts in one of the trees in the backyard. Why would I buy fresh coconuts when I have with me coconut trees with unharvested fruits? The task to look for somebody to climb took some days to be done. Somebody presented himself but his asking fee to climb and harvest the fruits was too high where he would put a cost for every single fruit that could be harvested. I really don’t know if this is an effect of the on-going Covid-19 situation in the area where anybody would take advantage to earn money due to the present predicament.

Finally, my assistant was able to get a good deal/arrangement with a guy who would do the job. In less than 30 minutes, the job is done and I paid the guy. It was a “win-win” situation. I was happy that I have already a stock of fresh coconuts which is good for the coming weeks.

It had been for the past two days that I have been drinking fresh coconut juice and eating its tender meat. I usually open up two pieces of coconut fruits everyday. These harvested coconuts will take a longer time to be consumed. Before I drink the juice, I usually put it in a pitcher and have it cooled in the refrigerator together with the tender flesh or meat. The coconut juice is now a part of my hydration on a daily basis.


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