Runners’ Fashion & Attire

As they say, “Everything is Perception”. For so many years that I’ve been to running and joining/competing in road races, I can judge the capability and degree of proficiency of a runner by his/her looks and the attire he/she is wearing, to include the running shoes.

My picture in the 1st City of Angels Half-Marathon Race shows an old, worn-out and determined runner to finish the race. My cap is a golfer’s cap which I bought as a souvenir when I played a round of golf at Fort Ilocandia Golf Course in Paoay, Ilocos Norte in 2002. I have two pieces of this cap which I always use for my practice runs, as well as, during race days, obviously, to cover my bald head and it absorbs the sweat from my head, making it as my dependable “coolant”! My shirt is a “muscle shirt” from Bench which I usually used as my workout shirt in the gym. It is stretchable and cool to the body even if it is wet from my body sweat and I bought two of this one in 2003. My running shorts is Speedo, it’s a loose swimming/running shorts, which I bought with my Bench shirts in 2003 with 30% discount. I have two sets of this shorts and I usually use this  in my gym workouts. My running shoes is an ASICS Tiger shoes which I’ve been using for the past four years. I think I bought this shoes On Sale at Big 5 Store in Glendale, California in December 2002. After the race, I retired this pair of shoes and bought a new one which is an upgraded model of ASICS Tiger. The watch I am wearing is a Casio “Sea Pathfinder” Titanium which is light and water proof. It has a stop watch and timer functions whose digital numbers could be seen without my “reading glasses”. This watch was given to me as a Christmas gift by my younger brother in 1999 and had its battery changed only once. I am still using this watch in my practice runs and races.

The “yellow thing” tied with my shoe laces is what they call “runners’ chip” which activates and registers to the time recorder/computer once it passes the starting and the finish lines. Simply put, it registers your actual time of running from start to finish. In this particular race, it was used for the runners free of charge but for bigger marathon races, each runner pays a fee for using such “chip”. These “chips” are collected by the race organizers after you finish the rack.

At present, my running attire and fashion sense show an old runner whose legs and heart are still strong to finish any road race where he could compete. I consider myself as an average runner.

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