Running Is Discipline

Depending on your goals why you want to engage in running, the first requisite to be successful in running is to have a discipline.

It is an attitude that plays within the confines of what is in between one’s ears! It’s all in your brain!

Whether you are following a training program to finish a certain distance of a road race or not, discipline plays the greatest role in one’s ability to accomplish and attain such objective.

How does anybody develop a discipline in running? Start with your goal. Make a “personal contract” to this goal. Visit your family doctor to find out if you are healthy to do some endurance activity that affects the functioning of your heart, lungs and other parts of your body. If you have the “go” signal from your doctor, go out from your “comfort zone” and take those “baby steps” towards running.

Make sure to allocate at least 30 minutes out of the 24 hours in a day to keep your body moving. That is only 2% of the whole day and it is a “piece of cake” and a very short time spent as compared from one’s time reading your friends’ status on Facebook. You can start by walking at a leisurely pace in any place until you are comfortable in including short jogs within the span of 30 minutes. If this ritual is done everyday, your body will be able to adapt and you should be able to maintain the momentum.

It is not important on how far you can walk/run in 30 minutes, what is most important is your attitude to go out and have those 30 minutes spent on moving your legs & feet on the ground.

Everyone should be able to include walking/running in one’s activity on a daily basis and if you can do this, it is a very good example on the application of discipline.

Remember, discipline is the key and the most important aspect in any kind of endeavor, sports, and, of course, to running.

Good luck and have fun!