My Prediction Coming True!

My prediction that the Senators/Congressmen will come out with a formal inquiry on the dismal performance of our athletes and Sports Officials during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is coming true!

My prediction on the result of this Senate Inquiry? I predict that nothing tangible will happen as a result of the inquiry! The inquiry will be a forum for “grandstanding” politicians—it will be a clash of ideas and full of recommendations and promises but I doubt if these things will be implemented.

The Bald Runner’s solutions to our sports debacle and problems are the following:

1) Political Will

a) Replace all the Commissioners of the PSC, change the leadership of the POC, and replace all the Presidents of the National Sports Associations. Designate non-political figures. A lot of “political will” is needed to do this!

b) Implementation of our Sports Program/Strategy and its Continuity whoever is the Chairman of the PSC, Chairman of the POC, and Presidents of the National Sports Associations.

c) Establishment of a Sports Academy or Sports Institute—I heard this concept during the administration of former President Fidel Ramos but up to this time I don’t know if we have one.

d) Accountability and Tranparency of Finances and Expenses.

2) Money, Money, & Money 

a) Appropriate more financial support to athletes, not to sports officials!

b) Private/Corporate Involvement is highly encouraged. Special Sports Projects like the NIKE’s Project Oregon, Team Running USA, and Brooks-Hansons Distance Project of the USA should be adopted. Such projects could be supported by Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Reghis Romero, Ayalas, Gokongweis, and those personalities who promised cash rewards to our first Olympic gold medalist.

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