31st National Milo Marathon: Results

Hereunder are the results of the 42K National Finals of the 31st National Milo Marathon held in Manila, Philippines on 18 November 2007. The results were taken from “RACE–Race Results Specialists”.

MALE/NAME                    TIME                   PACE (per K)

1.  Cresenciano Sabal             2:22:57                         3:25

2.  Bernardo Desamito          2:25:03                         3:28

3.  Juniel Languido                2:25:07                         3:28

4.  Eric Panique                      2:28:40                         3:33

5.  Mamerto Corpuz               2:29:42                         3:34

6.  Crifrankreadel Indapa     2:31:23                          3:37

7.  Angelito Sibayan               2:31:52                         3:37

8.  Rogelio Sarmiento            2:32:48                        3:39

9.  Elmer Sabal                       2:33:44                         3:40

10. Reynaldo de los Reyes    2:34:00                         3:40

11. Modesto Madalang           2:35:42                         3:43

12. Joel Bangtay                      2:37:20                         3:45

13. Reynaldo Pascua              2:38:38                          3:47

14. Ronald Despi                    2:38:48                          3:47

15. Jerry Lindawan                2:38:57                           3:48

   FEMALE/NAME             TIME                    PACE (Per K)

1.  Flordeliza Carreon            2:53:20                         4:08

2.  Estela Diaz                         3:01:05                         4:19

3.  Mona Liza Ambasa           3:01:58                         4:20

4.  Grace de los Santos          3:11:12                           4:34

5.  Ailene Tolentino               3:15:09                          4:39

6.  Leszl Gitaruelas                3:18:01                           4:43

7.  Maricel Maquilan             3:20:17                           4:47

8.  Flordeliza Donos              3:23:15                           4:51

9.  Hanny Jean Delfin           3:25:37                          4:54

10. Joanne Manangat            3:27:55                          4:58

11. Allyn Grace Salas              3:31:52                          5:03

12. Madelyn Carter                 3:36:56                         5:10

13. Ana Liza Vargas                 3:39:06                        5:13

14. Geraldine Sealza                3:43:21                         5:20

15. Sharon Vega                       3:45:57                         5:23

2006 Pasig River Heritage Marathon: Results

Source: Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS): RESULTS


Gripping drama characterized this second marathon edition in Metro Manila. In the midst of the country’s political turmoil, the marathon nevertheless started and ended without a hitch.

The top two men are in-house athletes of the Philippine Army, who, at that time, were under red alert following a Presidential Proclamation placing the entire country under a “State of National Emergency.”

On the women’s side, youth triumphed over experience when Jhoan Banayag, of the University of the East Athletics Team, won over a veteran field which included last year’s winner Maria Estela Mamac-Diaz.

This was the first time, including the first four years when the road race was known as the Pasig River Heritage Marathon, that an international-calibre runner was among the 903 starters. Robert Njoroge Wambugu flew in barely four hours before the gun with little more than a pair of training shoes. Fellow competitor Cesar Bollecer of Direct Link Running Club, showing the visitor the unique Filipino brand of hospitality, exchanged running shoes with him on the start line, but the drama did not end there.

Njoroge, benefitting from his extensive international exposure, immediately took the lead. But after two of the course’s nine bridges, jet lag, lack of sleep and the warm weather began to tell on his legs, allowing the locals to catch up and pull away. Dropping to a 10th-place finish, Wambugu vowed to be back to redeem himself in next year’s edition.

The marathon is an advocacy project of the Clean & Green Foundation Incorporated on behalf of the Philippine Government’s Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. It seeks to harness the people’s participation in the long-running Pasig River rehabilitation program.

The Pasig River is the Philippines’ most historical and important inland waterway, which runs from east to west dividing Metropolitical Manila into north and south areas. The country’s history in the last 400 years is closely intertwined with the river, spanning Spanish, British, American and Japanese colonial occupations, revolutions, world wars, and local uprisings. Located along its banks are the Filipino’s most historical districts, buildings and sites.

1  Cresciano SABAL             PHI  2:26:13
2  Bernardo DESAMITO           PHI  2:30:29
3  Memerto CORPUZ              PHI  2:32:24
4  Regelio de Leon SARMIENTO   PHI  2:35:28
5  Rodolfo TACADINO            PHI  2:36:02
6  Allan BALLESTER             PHI  2:37:00
7  Jujet DE ASIS               PHI  2:37:24
8  Michael CANILLO             PHI  2:38:11
9  Wilson MANINGKIL            PHI  2:39:26
10 Robert WAMBUGU              KEN  2:40:00
1  Jhoan BANAYANG              PHI  3:02:37
2  Flordeliza CARREON-CACHERO  PHI  3:09:13
3  Ailene TOLENTINO            PHI  3:09:28
4  Ma. Estela MAMAC DIAZ       PHI  3:09:42
5  Liza DELFIN                 PHI  3:24:22
6  Merlita ARIAS               PHI  3:34:17
7  Mila PAJE                   PHI  3:37:04
8  Marychiel MINAS             PHI  3:41:18
9  Joanne MANANGAT             PHI  3:43:58
10 Genevieve DELA PENA         PHI  3:44:39

Pasig River Heritage Marathon

Hereunder is  a Presidential Proclamation which in itself is a directive and authority for the conduct of the yearly Pasig River Heritage Marathon in Metro Manila (Philippines) which is usually held on the last Sunday of February.


It appears that the Clean and Green Foundation, Inc. and the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission are the main  offices/entities vested to manage and administer the conduct of the Pasig River Heritage Marathon in collaboration and support from the different Presidential Cabinet Offices.


I really do not know the persons and personalities running these “main offices/institutions” in the conduct of the said marathon but I will make a separate postings on my observations when I joined the 2005 Pasig River Heritage Marathon Race on 27 February 2005.


Later, the name “Philippine Marathon For The Pasig River Day” was changed to its present name as “Pasig River Heritage Marathon”.







WHEREAS, the Philippines, being a signatory to several international conventions on the environment, manifests a strong adherence and commitment to international environmental laws;

WHEREAS, the Department of Tourism is mandated to develop sustainable tourism and ensure the sustainable use, develop and management of the country’s environment, natural resources and cultural heritage;

WHEREAS, the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission is mandated to undertake the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and ensure its ecological well-being;

WHEREAS, the annual Pasig River Heritage Marathon is one of the biggest events in local sports and environmental advocacy and has been accredited by the International Association of Athletic Federations and the Association of International Marathons and Road Races, thereby making it an official international marathon event.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby declare February 27, 2005 as “Philippine Marathon for the Pasig River Day” and the month of February 2005 and every year thereafter as “Philippine Marathon for the Pasig River Month”. All concerned departments and agencies of the government are enjoined to participate in the celebration by properly observing the event and actively supporting the programs and activities related to this occasion.

The Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Tourism, Department of Transportation and Communication, Metro Manila Development Authority, Philippines Sports Commission and all local government units in the National Capital Region are hereby directed to fully collaborate with the Clean and Green Foundation, Inc. and the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission to ensure the success of the programs and activities related to this event.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 7th day February, in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Five.


By the President:

Executive Secretary