Hello! I am back!

It has been almost one year when I posted my last article or story in this blog. And I have decided to write again whatever I could think of on a daily basis. As I proceed on this post, I am thinking of writing any story or article that I can think of aside from running, my interest in fashion (denims and heritage boots), and my daily activities. I have been thinking also making my story or opinion on current events and politics. However, I will concentrate on the things that I can comprehend or have an idea about the said subject. What is important is to have something to do on a daily basis and have my brain working.

I just turned 70 years old last May 17 and it is a milestone in my life to reach this age. For the past two years, there had been not much activity on my part except for my daily hikes, cleaning the backyard, watering my vegetable garden, reading stories and articles in the Internet, and updating my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Not much movement outside the place where I am now residing. However, I am happy and healthy. Enjoying the simplicity in life in the rural or provincial area.

Since November 2021, the Presidential Election in the Philippines leading to May 9, 2022, politics and campaigning were the daily topics in the News and in Social Media. Having served as a military officer during the Marcos Administration from the 70s to the 1986, I have seen with my own eyes how the Marcos Administration had governed my country and from my personal observation, the country was then above average as compared with other neighboring countries. I might be bias but I knew how the country was being administered at that time, most specially, on matters of peace and security. I will deal more on this topic while my blog progresses from day to day. I plan to mix some posts about politics and prevailing News in this blog in the days to come. So, there will be no specific topic on the content of this blog. The bottomline, I will be posting anything I could think of to let my brain and mind working. Writing will be my brain’s daily exercise.

In the Social Media, I make it a point to make a Post at least one per day, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My Facebook posts for the past two years (during the Covid-19 Pandemic) were about my daily activities and observations. Sometimes, I would share some News or Information about the country’s status on the Pandemic. On Instagram, I would post my pictures which were concentrated mostly on the things that I wear on a daily basis. It was during the Pandemic/Covid-19 period that I was introduced to Selvedge Denims and Heritage Boots. One thing led to another and I can say that I have a considerable collection of these items. I hope I will make a post of each of the items in this blog.

So, please bear with me on this blog. I will write and post whatever I would think of relating to my life and to all those things happening around me. Finally, I am back!


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