Official Result: 1st ANTELOOP 100K Ultra Trail Run

The following are the details of the race as I published it at the FACEBOOK’s Event Page:

Assembly & Starting/Finish Area: Barangay Sacrifice Valley, Hermosa, Bataan

Assembly Time: 1:00 AM October 18, 2014

Start Time: 2:00 AM October 18, 2014


“BABIES” are discouraged to join this event.

This is a VERY TECHNICAL Mountain Trail Run

Cut-Off Time @ Km 50—–16 Hours

Cut-Off Time @ Km 100 (Finish)—–28 Hours

Trail Route Description:

Paved Road—–2 Kilometers
Dirt Road (Wide)—–8 Kilometers
Single Tract Trail Inside “Virgin Forest”—–35 Kilometers
Single Track Trail (Open With Tall Grasses)—–55 Kilometers

Registration Fee: P 2,500.00

Registration Deadline: October 17, 2014

Registration Procedure: Deposit the amount of Registration Fee to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Savings Account #0296-0673-22 and send the photocopy of the Deposit Slip to e-mail address: the Deposit Slip to the Starting Line on Race Day for confirmation.

Elevation Profile
Elevation Profile

The race route is a combination of two 50K trail races that I have organized and directed during the early part of this year. I called them, Playground ALPHA 50K Trail Run and Mt Natib 50K Trail Run (also called as Playground BRAVO).

The Elevation Total Gain for the whole course is 14,192 feet.

In order to have a decent time for the Official Cut-Off Times, at Km #50 and the whole course, I made a “test run” for the whole distance and I was able to register a time of 27:52+ hours with some time spent for “pitstops”, putting some trail markings, and talking to some of the locals along the route. I made 16 hours as the cut-off time at Km #50 and 28 hours as the cut-off time for the whole course.

Ten (10) Runners arrived at the Assembly Area in the evening of Friday; prepared their things; and took some rest before the start time. At exactly 2:30 AM of Saturday, the race started.

Ten (10) Runners At The Starting Line
Ten (10) Runners At The Starting Line

After the cut-off time of 28 hours had elapsed, only three (3) runners out of the ten (10) starters finished the race.

The following is the official result of the race:

RANK                         NAME                                                          TIME (Hours)

1               Raffy Gabotero (Champion, Course Record)         18:07:29

2               Lao Ogerio (1st Runner-Up, Overall)                      26:57:28

3               Elmar Bob Tolete (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)        27:00:37

Raffy Gabotero, Champion & Course Record Holder
Raffy Gabotero, Champion & Course Record Holder
Lao Ogerio, 1st Runner-Up, Overall
Lao Ogerio, 1st Runner-Up, Overall
Elmar "Bob" Tolete, 2nd Runner-Up
Elmar “Bob” Tolete, 2nd Runner-Up

Congratulations To Everybody!


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