Remembering Dr George Sheehan

Old runners like me always talk about this guy who is considered as the “Guru of Runners”. The first time I saw and read his writings was when I got hold of a Runners World Magazine way back in the summer of 1980. Buying at least three editions of the monthly Runners World Magazine in Dau, Angeles City was my solution to gain more information about the science of long distance running.

Few months before that, I joined my first attendance to a long distance running competition among the alumni of the Philippine Military Academy in commemoration of its Founding Anniversary during the mid part of February. I practiced running short runs on staggered basis 2-3 months before the competition and I thought I could compete in this race and finish well. The course starts at the gate of Camp Allen (near Baguio City Hall), passing through Harrison Road, and along the road going to Fort Del Pilar and finishing infront of the Grandstand of PMA Parade Grounds. Well, I was wrong! I did not compete in this race but I barely survived finishing the race.

Surprisingly, my younger brother, who graduated a year after me from the Academy, finished outstandingly and ranked as Number 4 among the top runners. If I can remember right, I finished within the 60+ place among almost 200 runners. After that run, I said to myself to excel and improve in the next edition of this race on the following year.

Reading the articles of Dr Sheehan in those past issues of the Runners World Magazine inspired me to plan, train, and test my capabilities in running. The result? After those LSDs, “fartleks”, lots of mileage, carbo-loading, positive attitude and discipline for almost 9 months, I became the second fastest runner among the alumni for three consecutive annual renditions of this PMA Alumni Race.

Now that I am getting older, Dr George Sheehan will always be my “guiding light” in running, my No. 1 Running Hero.

I highly recommend all runners to visit his website and read his essays at:

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