My Love With Seiko Watches

There was a time during my cadet days at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in the 70s that an enterprising Member/Officer of the PMA Headquarters/Tactics Group offered Seiko Diver’s Watches For Sale to the Cadet Corps. It is unfortunate that I did not take advantage of this offer as the payment can be easily made through a simple deduction from my monthly pay and allowance on cash or installment basis.

Fast forward. In the early 80s, while I was training for my first Marathon Race in Laoag City/Ilocos Norte where I was assigned as an Intelligence Officer, a friend of mine who owns a Gasoline Station where I usually end my LSDs gifted me a Seiko Diver’s Watch with Rubber Strap when he saw my Casio Runner’s Watch without any strap and observed me placing the said watch in my shorts’ pocket. Since that day, I have used the Seiko Diver’s Watch as my Running Watch. It was after so many running years when the rubber strap became brittle and broke into several pieces. Since then, I have forgotten where I left and stored the said watch.

In the mid-80s, I became interested to own Swiss-Made Watches as my brother gifted me with an Omega Constellation (Gold Edition) Watch which I bought in the USA after my Military Schooling. The watch is still with me up to this time!

Since the mid-90s up to the time I retired from the Military Service, I have a handful of Swiss-Made Watches in my collection but never bought a Seiko Watch.

After I finished in last year’s Boston Marathon Race, Josh, my son-in-law asked and invited me to watch the YouTube Channel. I was surprised when we watched videos about Seiko Watches. I did not know that he is also a Seiko Lover and Watch Collector. During my remaining days in Los Angeles, California in May 2019, I started watching Seiko Watch videos posted on YouTube on a daily basis using my IPad and IPhone. This experience motivated me to have a focused interest with Seiko Watches. And the rest is history.

Upon my arrival back in Manila, I went to the different Authorized Distributor (AD) Stores of Seiko Watches in Metro Manila looking for those watches I have seen on YouTube. Finally, my interest in Seiko Watches brought me back to the Watch Stores where I bought my Swiss-Made Watches in the 90s until the time that I retired from the Military Service. Some of the Sales Employees are still there and they are surprised why all of a sudden become interested with Seiko Watches!

My First Seiko Watch Bought In June 2019 (SRP637)

Since June 2019 up to the present, I have now more than 60 pieces of Seiko Watches + Citizen and Orient Watches in my Collection. Seventy Percent (70%) were bought locally and the rest were bought abroad (Italy, Hongkong, Malaysia, and USA). While in the USA, I bought my Seiko Watches through Amazon Prime.

In the future, I will be featuring each Watch in my Collection in this blog.

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