Suggested Treatment For Knee Injury

1. If there is swelling, injury can be minimized by keeping the swelling down. This is done with R-I-C-E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). These are immediately applied after the injury occurs and continuously done for a day or two. After 48 hours, you should start promoting blood circulation by applying heat, massage, gentle exercises, and even ultrasound procedures done by Physical Therapists.

2. Apply ice (using ice bag) to the injured knee right after running/after stretching for ten (10) minutes.

3. Check training paths/routes for banked surfaces and try to run through them.

4. Try available or commercial arch supports. My running shoes are one size bigger because I try to insert arch support/s for more cushioning and comfort to my feet.

5. Strengthen your quadricep muscles through gym workouts. Use the Leg Extension Machine, Leg Press Machine, Elliptical Machine, and Stationary Bike. Start with the lighter weights or lighter resistance. For the stationary bike, you should balance your “cycle resistance” vs. “your cycling RPM”. You should be able to reach up to 60-65 rpm and progress slowly.

6. Experiment and try this. Try pointing your toes slightly inward while running/jogging slowly.

7. Improve flexibility of your calf muscles and hamstring muscles.

8. Got milk? Drink your “warm” milk (non-fat) before bedtime & during breakfast.

9. “Shuffle”, don’t sprint or use ball-heel footstrike. Just “glide” your feet off the ground and slightly bend your knee when striking the ground. Use the “heel-ball” footstrike when “shuffling” to cushion the impact to your knees.

10. Recommend you stick to asphalt roads for your road runs and lots of runs along the golf course’ fairway. Running on asphalt is softer than running on a concrete/cemented road. Running on the grass is the best place to run if you have recurring knee injury. (Note: Watch out for the flying golf balls and hide immediately under the trees on the fairway once you hear somebody yelling “Fore”!)

11. Try “jogging” in the swimming pool. 

12. Have your regular body massage.

13. Sleep at least eight (8) hours every night. Don’t forget to take your mineral & vitamin tablets. If possible, you should make the habit to elevate your knees (with pillows) while sleeping.

14. Pray & Think positively.

Stay Healthy and Good Luck!!!