Gym Workout

24 11 2007

If ever I am in Manila for a meeting/consultation or on official business, I always see to it to visit my Gym everyday. Last Thursday morning, I had my “fastest” gym workout in my entire life which I finished in one hour.

I did lots of dumdbell exercises–bicep curls, tricep extensions, and other exercises I could think of with the dumdbells, from 10 lbs to 20 lbs. I did also the Lateral and Vertical Pulls with the Universal Dynamic Machine doing as much as 3 sets in 15 reps per set at 75-90 lbs for my back muscles.

But the main purpose of my workout was to strengthen my quadriceps. I did Leg Extensions with Flex Fitness Machine with the following variable weights:

        3 sets X 15 reps @ 30 lbs

        3 sets X 15 reps @ 45 lbs

        5 sets X 15 reps @ 60 lbs

I always believe that strengthening the quadriceps will always make the knees better in shape and injury-free.

I did also Bench Press for my arms and chest muscles with the Smith Machine with 50 lbs weight at 3 sets X 10 repetitions.

I finished my workout with Leg Press to strengthen my hamstrings and buttocks’ muscles with 90 lbs weight at 3 sets X 10 repetitions.

My cool down exercise was abdominal crunches on top of a rubber ball at 3 sets X 20 repetitions.

Due to my kids’ membership with Gold’s Gym Los Angeles, they enrolled me as a member when I visited them last December 2003. I just extended my membership with the Gold’s Gym in the country when I arrived back from Los Angeles in January 2004.

I do my workouts at Gold’s Gym Glorietta. I am not building bigger muscles for my body but I just wanted my muscles to be toned and more active by using lighter weights with higher number of repetitions.

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