“Nostalgic” Long Run

23 12 2007

23 December 2007 (AM) 

I woke up at 5:00 AM today and started to prepare for my “once-a-week” long slow distance (LSD) run. I started my run at exactly 5:30 AM from my sister’s house at Barangay Dibua South (#59-A), Laoag City. It was still dark but there were lots of tricycles plying the road already because of the early morning mass (Misa de Gallo).

The terrain in Laoag City is relatively flat and all the roads are paved up to the Barangays. From Dibua, I passed by the City Cemetery and jogged towards and along Rizal Street, the main road of Laoag City, and turning right after the PNB Building, and leading towards the City Hall and to the Padsan River/Laoag Bridge.

Running along Rizal Street and all the way to the Laoag/Padsan Bridge leading either to the Gabu Airport or to Fort Ilocandia Hotel or to Suba, Paoay brings back good memories from the time I started running and preparing for my first marathon. This is where I spent most of my running workouts during the early ’80s.

From the Bridge, I proceeded along the Gabu/Airport Road and later turning left at the road intersection going to Suba, Paoay or the Road that goes to the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course and to the Municipality of Paoay.

I reached the Clubhouse of the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course at 1:37:00 hours, which in my estimate covers a distance of 16.5 kilometers or 10 miles from my sister’s house in Dibua. (With the aid of my Nathan Water Belt, my run became very comfortable). From the Clubhouse, I made my turn around and proceeded back to Dibua. The run on my way back was slower which took me 1:43:00 hours!

dsc04298.jpg  dsc04300.jpg  dsc04301.jpg  dsc04302.jpg

I ran a total distance of 33 kilometers or 20.625 miles which took me 3:20:00 hours to finish. This was my longest run so far in my preparation for the Pasig River Heritage Marathon on the 24th of February 2008. I am glad that I am still injury-free and don’t have any major problems with my legs and body.

I started to alternately jog, run and walk on the last mile. I felt that I was about to reach my “Wall” if I continued running at a faster pace on my last mile before reaching my sister’s house. It was almost 9:00 AM when I finished my long run and the heat of the sun was starting to burn my skin.

I consider this long run as something special as I was able to recall all those running workouts I’ve done from the Laoag Bridge to Suba, Paoay and back, almost everyday, morning and afternoon before I joined and finished my first Marathon Race. This route was my favorite practice area and it gave me the strength and fulfillment to be a passionate and a lover of running.

More Pictures Today

8 11 2007


The last 500-meter uphill part of the course!


The finish line…

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