4 10 2013

In the military, there is a training or school for “Pathfinders” and they invaluable in airborne operations. They “Light The Way” for the incoming paratroopers and make sure that their landing zones are properly marked and safe. Such expertise and skill can be learned with a 3-week training in a Pathfinder’s School/Training Facility.

I had the chance to meet and see how these airborne soldiers were trained when I was in the US Army Infantry School in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA in the mid-80s.

I did not realize that this will be my role as the promoter of ultrarunning/ultra marathon events in the country. Since I started to love ultra marathon, I have been a pathfinder for ultra routes whether it is on the roads and trails.

It was very convenient to be a “pathfinder” on the road ultras as I can easily pinpoint the route or place on the map and then actually run through the route on my own. Most of the ultra marathon events that I organize and direct were born or established this way–actually run the route and find out the elevation and distance.

As I shifted more on trail runs in the mid-part of this year, I practically transformed myself as a “pathfinder” in my playground. As I get farther and farther on the distance that I could cover during the day, I would take note of places where I could rest, refill my hydration bottles with water, “engage” people or residents along the route/trail, and establish distance markers or points.

It is the responsibility of the “pathfinder” that his “follow-on” forces will not be lost as he leads them to their “landing zones”. For the past weeks, I had been accepting interested runners to have a glimpse of my playground and most of the time, someone among the group gets lost. But I am glad some would find their way back to where we started or just keep still in their location until we find them where they are located. Sometimes, I would laugh and tell the person/s who got lost that they are my “offerings” to those spirits that guard the mountains!

As of now, the trails that I’ve “found” in the mountains are for training purposes for me and for those who are interested to see the place. I don’t usually invite runners to join me in my training in the mountains as most of them have family and work to attend to during the weekdays. For some, they have also their respective “playground” which is more accessible to them from their residences and offices.

Being a “pathfinder” is a hard task as it takes a lot of time of patience and discipline. But if you love nature and the outdoors, your time in the mountains looking for trails and other land features is worth the task as you can share it to other people to see and to feel.

Lace up, go out of the door and run!

To The Mountains!

To The Mountains!

“Royal Flush”

2 10 2013

In my Ultra Marathon Lecture last night with the Frontrunner University at the 100 Mile Cafe located at the Bonifacio Global City, I prepared a Powerpoint Presentation to support my lecture but due to some technical problems, I was not able to play or show the said presentation as a guide/outline.

The following is the Powerpoint Presentation:

Ultra Marathon Lecture

Lace Up, Get Out of the Door and Run!

Lecture On Ultra Marathon (Photo Courtesy of Jonel Mendoza)

Lecture On Ultra Marathon (Photo Courtesy of Jonel Mendoza)

Group Picture Of Participants (Photo Courtesy of Jonel Mendoza)

Group Picture Of Participants (Photo Courtesy of Jonel Mendoza)

Picture From The Back (By Joseph Prince Baltazar)

Picture From The Back (By Joseph Prince Baltazar)

1st Antique 100/50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

2 10 2013

1st ANTIQUE 100-Mile & 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race (1st PAU Grand Slam of Ultra Marathon Races)

The following are the details of the 1st ANTIQUE 100-Mile & 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Races:

Starting & Assembly Area: In Front of the Provincial Capitol of Antique In San Jose De Buenavista, Antique

Time of Assembly & Processing of Runners: 10:00 PM October 4, 2013, Friday

Time of Start/Gun Start: 11:00 PM October 4, 2013, Friday

Route of the Race: From San Jose De Buenavista To Caticlan, Malay, Aklan (Along the Antique-Aklan Highway) Via Nabas, Aklan.

Finish Line For 50-Mile Race—-Tibiao Bridge, Tibiao, Antique

Finish Line For 100-Mile Race—–Army Transient Facility (ATF), Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

Cut-Off Time For 100-Mile & 50-Mile Races:

—100-Mile Race: 30 Hours

— 50-Mile Race: 14 Hours

Intermediate Cut-Off Times For The 100-Mile Race On Checkpoints:

Kilometer #40—-6.5 Hours

Kilometer #80—-14 Hours

Kilometer #100—-18 Hours

Kilometer #120—-23 Hours

Kilometer #160—-30 Hours

Intermediate Cut-Off Time For The 50-Mile Race On Checkpoint:

Kilometer #40—-6.5 Hours

Qualifications/Requirements: Must have finished a 50K Ultra Marathon Race & Medical/Doctor’s Certificate

Registration Fees:

50-Mile Race: P 2,500.00

100-Mile Race: P 6,000.00

Registration Period: September 17-October 4, 2013. (NO Registration On Race Day)

Awards: Trophies For Top 3 Overall and Top 3 Ladies (For both Races); Finisher’s Medals; Finisher’s T-Shirt (Long-Sleeved For 100-Miler); Certificate of Finish

****Gold/Silver Belt Buckle For The 100-Miler Finishers

****PAU Grand Slam of Ultra Marathon Races

Registration Procedure: Deposit the Registration Fee to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Savings Account #0296-0673-22 in the name of Jovenal D Narcise. Send the photocopy of the Deposit Slip to e-mail address: and then bring the said deposit slip at the Starting Area on Race Day.

Provincial Capitol Of Antique

Provincial Capitol Of Antique

Starting & Assembly Area

Starting & Assembly Area

The following are the Rules and Regulations of the Race:

1. Maintain The Integrity of the Race. Runners and their respective support crew are “deputized” to report any infraction of the rules and regulations of this event. Immediate investigation will be conducted for any report received by the Race Director. If found and proven guilty, the runner who committed the infraction will be immediately Disqualified.

2. All runners must stay on the farthest left side of the road. If there is an incoming traffic, runners must be prepared to immediately side-step to the shoulder of the road.

3. All runners will be on “single file” while running or walking on the farthest left side of the road.

4. All runners must have a support vehicle. However, two runners can share a single support vehicle.

5. ONLY Four-Wheeled Vehicles are allowed as Support Vehicles. Bicycles and Motorcycles/Tricycles are NOT allowed as Support Vehicles for the runners. “Spotters” deployed by a team or group of runners are strictly NOT allowed. Runners using “Spotters” on bicycles or motorcycles will be immediately Disqualified.

6. Runners must ALWAYS carry with themselves a hydration bottle or belt even if they are being supported by their respective support vehicle. Anybody caught running without any hydration bottle or belt will be automatically disqualified.

7. On night running, it is MANDATORY for each runner to use headlight and/or hand-held flashlight and a reflectorized vest. Not being able to use these equipment during the night run portion will be automatically disqualified. “Flashlight” or Lights from Cell Phones are NOT allowed. “Blinking Lights” are not considered as personal lighting system of the runner during the race.

8. Half-naked running will NOT be allowed.

9. Race Bib shall be always visible on the front portion or part of the body/apparel of the runner.

10. Support Vehicles should NOT “shadow” their runner on any time of the day and even during nighttime. Support Vehicle must be able to “leap frog” their respective runner. It is the responsibility of the participating runner to advise or instruct the driver of the support vehicle on the rules and regulations of this event.

11. Support Vehicles should park on the right shoulder of the road when waiting for their runner. Any runner with a Support Vehicle parked on the left shoulder of the road shall be automatically disqualified. There will be No Warnings to be issued by the Race Marshals.

12. Runners are not allowed to enter their Support Vehicle to sit, rest, sleep, or change their running outfit. There are gasoline stations and waiting sheds along the road where each runner could sit or rest and change their outfit/apparel or relieve themselves due to the call of nature.

13. The Cut-Off Times and the Intermediate Cut-Off Times will be strictly enforced for both races. (Please see above on the details of the event for the said Race & Intermediate Cut-Off Times)

14. In case of emergencies, runner must be able to contact the Race Director at Cell Phone #0918-965-9895. State your name, race bib, location and nature of emergency.

15. In case of DNF, immediately send the report to the Race Director through the same Cell Phone Number (CP# 0918-965-9895) by stating the following: Name, Race Bib Number, Km Post or Name of the Place He/She Stopped, Reason/s, and if the runner needs immediate medical attention.

16. Finish Line for the 50-Mile Race is at the Tibiao Bridge in Tibiao, Antique. Awarding Ceremony for the Finishers will be done in the finish area.

17. Finish Line for the 100-Mile Race is at the Army Transient Facility (ATF) in Barangay Caticlan, Malay, Aklan. Runners will take the road going to Tabon Port and then turn right on a road going uphill to the Transient Facility.

ANTIQUE 100-Mile Finisher's Buckle

ANTIQUE 100-Mile Finisher’s Buckle

Good Luck To All The Runners!

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