2014 BDM 102 & 160 Registration Procedure & Instructions

Schedule of Races:

January 25-26, 2014—-2014 Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160)

March 1-2, 2014———2014 Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102)

Number of Participants To Be Allowed:

***2014 BDM 160 Ultra Marathon Race—-100 Runners

***2014 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race—-250 Runners

Registration Procedure For Both BDM 102 & 160 Races:

1. Registration for the 2014 BDM 102 & 160 Ultra Marathon Races starts today, July 1, 2013.

2. Qualified participants may deposit their registration fee/s through Bank Deposit at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Savings Account # 0296-0673-22 in favor of Jovenal Narcise. The following are the registration fees:

2014 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race—-P 3,500

2014 BDM 160 Ultra Marathon Race—-P 6,000

3. Be sure that you are qualified to join the race. For BDM 102 participants, you should have officially finished a Marathon Race (42K) with result on the Internet. For BDM 160 participants, you should have finished any of the past editions of the BDM 102 within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

4. Paid registration fees are NON-TRANSFERRABLE, NON-RECYCLABLE to another running event, & NON-REIMBURSEABLE.

5. Registration will be on a “FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED” basis. Participants will NO longer receive Letter/s of Invitation coming from the Race Director. If you are qualified, just simply deposit your Registration Fee/s; send the photocopy of the deposit slip ONLY to the e-mail address—-jovie75@hotmail.com; and then submit your Medical Clearance or Doctor’s Certificate not later than December 31, 2013. (Note: Do NOT send and display the photocopy of your deposit slip on FACEBOOK or BR’s and BDM Races FB Pages)

6. Once the participant’s deposit slip will be received by the Race Director, the name of the runner will appear on the List Of Registered Runners on the appropriate PAGES (2014 BDM 102 or 2014 BDM 160) on my blog at http://www.baldrunner.com. Such PAGES will be updated on a daily basis.

7. Once the number of runners for each race will be filled up—250 runners for BDM 102 & 100 runners for BDM 160, the REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED.

8. If you are intending to join the 2014 BDM Grand Slam, you have to register for both races and don’t expect the Race Director to give you a special treatment/accommodation with regards to instruction #7.

9. Simply write your Name and Shirt Size on the Deposit Slip before sending it to the e-mail address of the Race Director.

10. Schedule of “Test Runs” for the 2014 BDM Races:

January 18, 2014—-1st “Test Run” For BDM 102/Night Run (From BDM Km 00-50)

February 2, 2014—-2nd “Test Run” For BDM 102/Day Run (From BDM Km 50-102)

December 21, 2013—“Test Run” For BDM 160/Night Run (From BDM 102-160)

11. Good luck and train harder. As an advance information, there will be strict implementation  of cut-off times on selected checkpoints along the route.


18 thoughts on “2014 BDM 102 & 160 Registration Procedure & Instructions

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  2. Hey BDM! I’d like to run the 102K in March 2014. I’ve run a couple of marathons and will be doing my first 2 Ultras this Sept. My great uncle perished at the WWII BDM and I’d like to combine this race by visiting Bataan and learn more about this new info about my family that I just learned the last year. BTW, I live in San Diego, CA and will travel there. I’m also willing to do a fundraiser for a WWII BDM cause of the race’s choice if that increases my chances of getting into the race. Please let me know and thanks!


  3. Latest 42K Marathon: 4:50:56 Rock’n’Roll Marathon San Diego
    Ultramarathons: First one will be on 09/07 Endure The Bear 50K in Big Bear, CA and next one will be on 09/22 The Spartan Race Ultra Beast in Killington, Vermont. If understood correctly, I have to do the 102K first to qualify for the 160K right?


      1. Thank you sir! I will register officially and follow the procedure above. I just ran my first 50K this past weekend. The Endure The Bear race was actually more 53K, up in Big Bear, CA. Starting elevation was 6,750-ft and my running app MapMyRun showed 12,322 feet of total elevation gain. I ran it in 8:42 but stopped frequently to make sure my friend was ok. I’m very excited to visit the Philippines again. I haven’t been back since 2001 and I have family in Bataan. I will be doing a fundraiser for this run with a dedication at every KM that I accomplish, this is a personal as this will be dedicated to my Mom’s uncle who died during the BDM in WWII. My run is dedicated to Celerino Oliman Tauat (Tawat). Thanks again for accepting my race application. I will train hard to make sure I run better by March 2014. Salamat po 🙂


  4. I would like to extend the intention of my friend to join this event, Bataan Death March Marathon. His name is Rizalito Tan. Here are his details:

    Complete Name: RIZALITO TAN
    Age: 32
    Gender: male
    Contact Number: 09275504059
    Latest Marathon Race & Finish Time: 37th milo marathon- 6:03:59



  5. hello sir jovie more power
    my team po Fnb
    Merwin torres male, 38yrs. old 102 and 160 2013
    rochelle sumagang female,41 yrs old, 102 2013 mayon 360
    chad reyes male 38yrs.old.42k condura
    mark jinco male 36yrs. old 42k milo 2013
    jean lim female 43yrs.old 42k condura 50k T2N
    Francis gino tsubota male 23yrs. old 42k milo 2013


  6. Hello Team / Bald Runner,

    Willing to join for 2014 BDM 102km.

    Elmeray Kabigting

    Completed RUPM 2012 – 5:30hrs
    QCIM 2012 42km – 5:05 hrs
    Condura skyway – 5:48 hrs
    Milo Marathon 2013 – 4:58 hrs
    RUPM 2013 – 6:30 hrs
    Tagaytay to Kawit 50k – 7:55 hrs
    Rizal 2 Laguna 50k – 7:02 hrs
    Standard Chartered 42km – 5:45 hrs

    Please advise if I’m qualified 🙂



  7. Hello team Bald Runner,
    Im from Cebu and just want to know if there is still available slot for BDM 102? H1 Hardcore Bogo Jan 31, 2014 – 27:33
    CUC 2014 Jan 12 – 4:45, Run United unilab Oct 6, 2013 – 4:54, Be Warrior 50K- Cebu Sept 29, 2013 – 6:23, I Shall Return 50K tacloban Aug 17, 2013 – 6:48, CUC North west Tabuelan Cabu 100K July 27, 2013 – 15:20
    Jose Nelson Laude
    Age 49
    my contact no 09189177957
    email add: watersafari@yahoo.com.ph


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