MILO Marathon Elimination Race, July 4, 2010

…Did Not Qualify!

Yes, I did not qualify for the 34th MILO Marathon Finals to be held on December 12 of this year. I am trying my best to recall what happened during the race and still making an assessment about my training and preparation for this marathon race. Hopefully, get some lessons to share during the race and in my training.

I finished the race in 4:25:12 hours (unofficial) based from my GF 305. I could be a “veteran” runner but I was not happy of what I’ve accomplished. But I am still proud that I was able to finish this race without any injury.  This is my 19th Marathon Race and so far, I’ve have not yet experienced any DNF in my career as a runner.

I will be posting my Race Report about this race in my incoming post with more details. I had my 30-minute recovery run this morning and I am ready for my next race, after a brief “rest & recovery” period from intense training. Actually, my training and preparation for my next race started in yesterday’s MILO Marathon Elimination Race! Wish me luck!

For the meantime, I would like to express my congratulations to all the Qualifiers and Finishers. You did well and you have shown the courage and determination of a “warrior”. To Team MILO and the Race Organizer, you did great for the race with the hope that nobody got seriously injured or hospitalized due to the heat exhaustion. I salute you for making this marathon race as the most challenging one, so far! You maintained your reputation as “the most prestigious marathon race” in the country. Additionally, your “Help Give Shoes” advocacy is a success!

To my readers, those who prayed for my safety and for those who cheered & supported me along the way, my sincerest thanks to all of you! After all, I am a mortal just like everyone else. The battle cry for next year’s MILO Marathon Race…BOUNCE BACK!!!

On My Last 8K To The Finish Line

26 thoughts on “DNQ

  1. CONGRATULATION FOR SURVIVING THE HEAT, SIR! 🙂 and yes, next year, it’s going to be YOUR year! Congratulations again!

    Also what is your email add?



  2. fanaticinformant

    I was looking for you at the finish line and wanted to greet you and your team. As Jay mentioned, the route looked deceptively easy but the entire thing was more challenging than it looks. I am glad that you didn’t get injured. Again, congratulations on finishing the race within the curfew time. It was the first time I saw the race chute being closed down after the curfew time was announced and see runners still running but no longer being able to get the medal.


    1. kingofpots

      blas, i went immediately to my parked vehicle and changed my clothes. i was in the company with the “usual” BDM veterans trying to analyze why we failed in this race. see you soon!


  3. chadd41

    Congratulations on finishing and commiserations on the DNQ. I experienced the same feelings as my 4:08 was 13 minutes off the 3:55 I needed. I am going for a sub-4 hour at Cam Sur for sure. By-the-way, the Greenhills Freedom run was a great race on Sunday 13th of June and one you might like to try next year. Cheers and see you running!


    1. kingofpots

      congratulations! still, you finished with a noce time. yes, we’ll find time to run in next year’s edition of the said race.


  4. You might want to check your training log. It does not lie. (Maybe overtraining or not enough taper time from all those frequent runs in BM?) The overall temperature, humidity and air quality during the race were the common complaints. They say it was something heavy and damp. I agree. Well what is new in Manila. One or two veteran runners said they will not run this race again. We don’t have to believe them of course.

    One of my crappiest runs even if I qualified. My log says I peaked too early (4 weeks before on top of ankle sprain a week before the race).

    Anyway, kudos for finishing the race. That itself is a feat. Recover well.


    1. kingofpots

      jon, i think i need more “hill repeats” and not running towards the peak of BM in preparation for the milo marathon! hahaha! i’ll try to compare my preparation for this marathon with the other ones where i registered better times. however, you are right about the weather condition and the quality of air. they were the main culprits!


    1. kingofpots

      sir amado, i saw you on my last 6K as you were on your way to the finish line. i was already in pain and frustrated that i wasn’t able to greet you. congrats, too!


  5. Tin

    Thanks for the inspiring post! When I was walking back, I had quitting and playing tennis instead in my mind. (at least, may timeout and resched ng next match) But you’re right, the humbling experience makes me want to bounce back soon.

    What could be your next race? I’m curious =)


    1. kingofpots

      don’t worry, tin..let’s move on and remember the lessons we have learned from this race. for sure, we’ll be able to bounce back. my next race will be a surprise one! hehehe!


      1. Tin

        I like the pic…. – the Sabal brothers (who’s the handsomest of them all?)

        Please extend my gratitude to Elmer. I was about to wave at you when I almost lost my balance. He was about to turn back at me (accdg to mark), then saw Mark and told him I’m not in good condition.


  6. Sir Jovie, nainggit po ako sa custom race singlet ninyo. 🙂 Since this was my first marathon, I can’t speak about comparing it to other marathons. I still believe it was a valiant effort on your part, so congratulations for finishing it!


    1. kingofpots

      you did great on your 1st marathon and it will place a mark in your mind as it will serve as your benchmark (forever) in your succeeding marathon races. i suggest, you have to document your feat every kilometer of the race! thanks for the comment.


  7. Way to finish BR, despite not being happy with your time. I can relate, I think we all can. I hope you find the answers you are looking in assessing what might have happened. It is a tough thing though to perform well time and time again especially with so many races these days.


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  9. kingofpots

    rick, i am trying to organize my thoughts and hopefully make an assessment that will guide me in my future races here where the weather & air quality are already your enemies before you start the race. this milo marathon was the hardest so far.


  10. benwah

    congrats Sir Jovie. Sabi nga, we can’t win them all. Still, you finished in a very respectable time. At times, the marathon gods get crazy and throw more challenges. One of them is runing on loops wc is mentally tiring. I once ran a 50k composing of flat 5-10k loops. I got bored on the 4th lap. All we have to do is regroup and go on with the next challenge. Just curious, how the qualifying times are based? Is it similar to Boston?


  11. kingofpots

    i really don’t know how the MILO people were able to determine the published qualifying times. however, i believed they copied the boston qualifier with slower times.


  12. congrats again sir !!! we will bounce back next year, or perhaps in camsur… in the meantime Pinatubo and PAU65 muna. 🙂

    same thing here, im still assessing what happened and will note down all the learnings for future races. i trained for this one a lot harder than my previous marathon, and yet finished way beyond my target. countless walkbreaks because of cramps/fatigue from km#19 onwards. so unusual !!!

    there must be something in the air in that coastal area. i also noticed that body was not responding to powergels (normally you will feel a “kick” or “boost”).

    see you at the races…


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