“Half-Naked” @ Century Tuna 21K Run

The race started 12 minutes ahead of schedule and I liked it. I checked-in very early at the starting line thinking that I could meet some friends as I stayed at the middle portion of the runners. A number of runners greeted me and after a few seconds before the starting gun was fired, I moved at the front area talking to some of the elite runners.

At The Starting Area With My Singlet

As soon as the gun was fired, I removed my singlet and threw it to my staff at the sidelines and started my GF 305 as I passed the lined up carpet for the RFID Champion Chip tied on my right shoe lace. From the starting line, I was running “half-naked”. I started too quick so that I could not be bothered with the rest of the runners. Immediately, I was able to maintain an ample space where I could run at my pace without being crowded by other runners. It was still too dark that I could not identify the faces of those runners who would pass me and those who are on my sides.

"Half-Naked" Running @ Century Tuna 21K Run

At the first 5 kilometers, I could sense that I was running faster than 5:00 mins per km and tried to slow down to preserve my strength for the second half of the race. I tried to maintain my pace at 5:00 to 5:15 mpk but my pace would reach up to 5:30 mpk when I ran uphill and during my brief run at the Heritage Park. 

At Halfway, I was joined by Jonel & Junrox but Jonel went ahead of us as he increased his pace at Lawton Avenue. While inside the Heritage Park, Natz joined us up to near the Finish Line. The picture above was taken by one of the takbo.ph peeps. Thanks for the picture.

I started and finished the half-marathon race “half-naked” as what I promised to do in my previous post. Nobody cautioned me. Nobody from the road marshals tried to stop me. But I received a lot of cheers from bystanders and audience once I entered the Heritage Park. I also received favorable comments from my runner-friends as I met them along the route. Maybe it’s because I am totally different from the others or maybe, I looked “funny” as an old bald man running “half-naked”! hahaha! Other runners would ask me if I am the father of Derek Ramsey! Yes, you are right, dude! hehehe!

At The Finish Line
A Runner of takbo.ph accompanied me "half-naked" 200 meters from the Finish Line

 I finished the race in 1:47:51 hours (unofficial time) based from my GF 305. My average pace was 5:06 mpk and the distance registered at 21.1 kilometers. My finish time is a big improvement from my Cebu City Half-Marathon by almost 10 minutes.

This race gave me so much confidence that I am back in road racing again after my injury last November 2009. Basing from the result of this race, I could already train for my next full marathon and try to qualify for the 2010 MILO National Marathon Finals. The previous Condura Marathon last February 7 was considered as a long run without so much speed-endurance and it prepared me for my “adventure run” from Manila to Baguio City. The objective in the MILO Marathon Eliminations is to be able to finish the race in 3:45 hours!

On the winners of the different races, the Elite Team Bald Runner did not win any place in the top 3 runners of the 21K Race. The race was won by Ed “Vertek” Buenavista and two Kenyan runners were ranked 2nd & 3rd Place. In the 10K Race, Alquin Bolivar & Frank Indapan of Team BR won 2nd & 3rd Place, respectively. In the 5K Race, Gerald Sabal & Jujet De Asis of Team BR won 1st & 2nd Place. In the ladies category, Cora Salcedo of Team BR won 3rd Place in the 3K Race.


22 thoughts on ““Half-Naked” @ Century Tuna 21K Run

  1. bugobugo

    now that’s what i cal;l a live performance!

    i have a feeling that el nino around, the summer races will see a new trend in running “apparel”. nike and co. will have a dip in their tops sales.hahaha.

    sir, you have given us a good example how to last all of 102k!


  2. bugobugo

    now that’s what i call a live performance!

    i have a feeling that el nino around, the summer races will see a new trend in running “apparel”. nike and co. will have a dip in their tops sales.hahaha.

    sir, you have given us a good example how to last all of 102k!


  3. i2runner

    Half-Naked in Half-Marathon!

    Nice running with you Sir Jonel and Sir Jovie! I just have to try running half-naked this afternoon. My oh my, this is better than dri-fits and climacools!!! WIll definitely try running like this in races and long runs especially in the coming hot summer.


  4. Lakay Jonel/Lakay BR,

    OO nga, di lang bababa ang benta ng running tops, pati BAND AID. No more bruised nipples for those with “sensitive skin”!

    Lakay BR, i-reserve nyo na yung domain name na “Boldrunner.com”, bago makuha…. 🙂

    See you in BDM!

    Taray Nga Taray (TNT)!



  5. good run jovie, you are indeed back again !!!

    it was nice to run with you again since subic marathon… both you and natz carried me thru from heritage to finish line…

    see you at bdm clp…..


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  7. Dear Jovie – maybe after another year or if and when my tummy will be as great as yours I’ll have the courage to run shirtless. When I met you at Bayani Road I thought it was Derek na! Kakulay mo pa naman!


  8. timmysebastian

    nice run sir jovie 🙂 do you think this would eliminate the cause of chafing from singlets? 🙂 what is your review on your “new” , top-of-the-line singlet? 🙂 hehehe

    congrats again on being back on track!

    see you around sir!


  9. Hey sir,

    Sorry long time no see, I was in Manila last week and ran the 10k run for the heart sa Luneta, guess you did not run that one, but I see you have upgraded from bald to bold as well 🙂 good to see you out running, 🙂


  10. jhuvy10

    Thanks sir for your wonderful SMILE ^_^ and cheering me up (your in the parking area already, still half naked (‘_^)and I’m in my few meters left for my first 10Km run). Your such an inspiration, isang NGITI mo lang :), and it gives me strength when I was to give up. Thanks! Godbless! ^_^


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