Adventure Run

Adventure run is a multi-day/stage run from Point A to Point B. For this particular run, there will be no deadline as to the number of days and hours I will cover the distance. This will be my first adventure run as a runner. It will serve as my training/preparation for another adventure run in the future. It is also a way to test and show to other runners on how to document an adventure run in the Internet through this blog and other social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

There had been reported adventure runs in the past but I am not satisfied with the way they document their daily activities. In this age of fast information through the Internet, Mobile phones and GPS access, any runner would immediately send feedback or share his/her experience on a daily basis, if not, on “real-time”. So, I am doing this adventure run to prove that any runner who plans to involve himself in this kind of event could easily show to his readers what transpired during the day or night that he/she was running on the road.

The adventure run will be a travel by foot from Manila (Monumento in Caloocan City) to Baguio City, an estimated distance of of 250 kilometers or 156 miles, and this will be a multi-day stage run with the plan to run at least one full marathon distance a day or more. And the following are the proposed legs/stages for the said run:

1st Day—Monumento, Caloocan City to Calumpit, Bulacan—45K

2nd Day—Calumpit, Bulacan to Mabalacat, Pampanga—42K

3rd Day—Mabalacat, Pampanga to Tarlac City—30K

4th Day—Tarlac City to Urdaneta, Pangasinan—53K

5th Day—Urdaneta, Pangasinan to Baguio City (via Kennon Road)—74K

I will be using five (5) pairs of running shoes and ten (10) sets of running apparel. I hope to use my CW-X compression tights on my last leg to Baguio City. I will be supported with only one vehicle.

I will be hydrating myself with water and Gatorade every 2.5 to 3 kilometers and ingesting some solid foods every 12-15 kilometers. I admit, I will have “walking breaks” along the way.

My running time schedule will vary during the day or night. I might run early in the morning and then run again in the late afternoon. However, during my brief rests and “pit stops”, I should be able to make a post on this blog and upload my pictures through my wireless Internet connection by Smart & Globe. Aside from regular posts in this blog, I will also make entries to my Twitter account. I expect that my last leg will be a whole day running event!

I will be sleeping in pension houses/apartelle/hotel in key cities/municipalities along the way.

Why am I doing this? Because if you want to accomplish a running adventure, you must be honest and transparent!!!


28 thoughts on “Adventure Run

  1. miraclecello

    That would be a monster 5th day indeed, an elevation gain of more than 1,500 metres from near sea level on top of 74K. I remember it took me a whole day to walk/hitchhike Kennon during the 1990 quake.

    There’s an Urdaneta pension along the highway called 5 Star — clean, safe and cheap.


    1. kingofpots

      cecil, the no. of kilometers per day, per leg is just a guide. depending on the weather, mood, and condition of my body, i could run some more per day. i’ll take note of the 5-star pension in urdaneta. thanks!


  2. run2dmoon

    sir jovie,

    i hope you have explored this ‘’
    and utilize something similar on your adventure run.
    goodluck, i’ll be awaiting your sharing and learn from it.
    if i’ll be doing your adventure run it will be a non-stop and no support (poor me). this kind of activity is very costly.



    1. kingofpots

      albert, i have a problem signing-in with the said website with my laptop. i don’t know what is wrong with my laptop, pati google map hindi ko ma-download. yes, this kind of adventure run is costly!


  3. This is cool. How about some company while you’re at it? 🙂 We’ve been thinking about this for a long time but never got to doing it for various reasons. Anyway, this is a welcome departure from a typical race.

    I would run this distance by “how I feel” or “by terrain” instead of alloting a distance in a given day. Too many variables out there to consider and are beyond our control. Maybe the 74K should be the first leg instead?

    Goodluck and show us the proper way 🙂


    1. kingofpots

      atty jon, please check my blog regularly as i’ll be posting my location & run-experience during my brief “pit stops”. you can join me in my run. more or less, those distance per day are just my guide and if i could run some more for the day, i could run farther.


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  5. Sir

    I read your blog and you said that you will past from bulacan to pampanga.
    I’m mike galas runner from Apalit, pampanga. I’m sure you will past in our town. hope to see you sir. good luck in your adventure. god bless


    1. kingofpots

      mike, thanks! ple keep yourself posted in my blog so that you will know the time or sked when i’ll reach your place. will be glad to meet you.


    1. kingofpots

      nestor, i’ll try my best to be transparent in this run and inform my readers on near “real-time” through this blog. this could be a prelude to a trans-philippine run with a mission to spread the benifits of running to secondary schools and colleges/local government units.


    1. kingofpots

      rick, we’ll find out if i can folow the MDS or GOBI Desert daily sked. actually, i could run 3X a day just to be able to cover the daily distance. we will see. i will try my best to write my experiences in this blog every time i have the chance to make a post. thanks, rick!


  6. kingofpots

    we’ll see how i feel after finishing the condura marathon this sunday. my adventure run will depend on my “feel” after the condura. yes, those electric posts will make me sane & focused during the run! hehehe!


  7. eightdreams

    i do my adventure run in old fashion way,
    no internet, no picture and daily blogs,
    as i will tracked the unknown cold territory i never been from North Korea/China Border to Dalian City (known as the old Manchuria city) – 316km journey. Will just take my chance thru map if i can find a shelter along the way to make my sleep over and refill my supply. so i run as light as possible , wear same cloths/shoe from start to end. And i declined the support of fellow expats who slate to run for Gobi March 250K for June 2010…once i complete all my Go/No go checklist by Feb 10 – Im off to world from Feb 13-17 !!!


      1. eightdreams

        im an IT by profession, and i work in company that drives technology…
        but less not forget, the real adventure happens into the unknown w/o support like the first man who reached the summit of Everest or travel to north pole 😉

        real adventurer dont need to proved anything to anyone..
        he’s desire is to proved something for Himself!!!;D

        hope this not intimidate you but push you further to the NORTH!!;D


  8. Good luck, General. Will surely follow your blog and learn from you (esp, documenting the run with a mobile phone or laptop). I’m thinking of buying a smartphone (samsung b7330) which has a wireless internet connection and built-in GPS for my own trans-Mindanao run-walk which I plan to do after the Holy Week.


  9. lafortart

    Fantastic adventure. The 5th day run is monstrous and a dream of all runners. Love to join you on this stage of your run … in my dream of course.. because my 68 years old legs is good for half marathon only. Good luck!!


  10. eightdreams

    Sir Jovie,
    hope you not offended by my post/reaction ;D
    we just hv diff style but have similar passion…
    Goodluck and Godbless in your adventure.
    Hope i could survive my version of adventure, so i can join BDM in March 😉
    though still in pain, but have faith by cutting my daily mileage now, i can recover before the D-Day 😉

    Cheers – JUly


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