2nd BDM 50K Test Run: Insights, Pictures & Results

BDM Km Post #00 to Km Post #50/6:00 AM 23 January 2010

1. At exactly 6:00 AM yesterday, a group of 70 runners and their support crew assembled at the BDM Shrine where Km Post #00 is located. It took me at least 30 minutes to brief the runners on the rules and regulations and the “critical” Km Posts to be aware of along the route so that they will not get lost.

2. I was overwhelmed by the number of runners as less than 30 runners signified in this blog to join the test run. Those who are registered to run on race day were given the priority for the prepared race bibs and the 50 race bibs that I prepared were not enough. Some runners who were not registered to run the BDM 102 were allowed to run during the “test run”.

3. After some pictorials and last instructions, the test run started at 6:35 AM. The 1st 7 kilometers of the course was very challenging to everybody because of the continous uphill zigzag route for about 4 kilometers and the strong winds on top of the mountain posed another challenge that forced the runners to run slower.

Combination of BDM Veterans, BDM "Newbies" & LSD Runners
The RD Announcing the Last Instructions
Veteran Gene Olvis Leading the Group Only To Get Lost at Km#32
1st Timer Oscar Sanez & Veteran Jonel aka FrontRunner Mag
This is a Violation During D-Day! Runners Should Be On Single File

4. Kilometer Posts #14, 23, and 32 are the “critical” points that every runner should remember. It is on these kilometer posts where every runner should turn right in order to trace the actual BDM route. I made sure to wait for the runners on these critical points along the route and guided them. Six (6) runners on the lead group did not notice the marked Km Post #32 and I was able to catch up with the 5 runners and directed them to go back to the crossing on the said Km Post.

Strong Winds Met The Runners at Kms 7 & 8

5. On race day, these “critical” points shall be manned with marshals and they will be marked with lighted orange cones. Another marshal shall be positioned at least 50-100 meters before these crossings to warn every runner to turn right on the road with a lighted orange cone.

Arman Fernando Edged Junrox Roque Before Km Post #50. Top 4 Runners are from "Team Hardcore"

6. As I said in my briefing before the test run, every runner’s finish time shall be recorded and posted as this will serve as their “guide or benchmark” on how they would be able to deal with the last half of the BDM 102 ultra race on 6-7 March.

              NAME TIME
1 Arman Fernando 5:14:29
2 Junrox Roque 5:14:30
3 Jonel Mendoza 5:22:00
4 Gene Olvis 5:27:40
5 Chris Iblan 5:29:32
6 Wilnar Iglesia 5:29:32
7 Ralph Salvador 5:37:50
8 Mari Javier 5:59:40
9 Oscar Sañes 5:59:40
10 Jay Nacino 6:01:20
11 Totoy Santos 6:02:23
12 Ben Saludario 6:02:30
13 Vener Roldan 6:03:15
14 Isko Lapira 6:09:50
15 Tina Narvaez 6:10:42
16 Dennis Ravanzo 6:15:09
17 Jomar Galauran 6:20:00
18 Alvin Adriano 6:25:40
19 Albert Salazar 6:25:50
20 Wency Jael 6:28:44
21 Eric Bullena 6:33:00
22 Jerome Cartilier 6:41:03
23 Ed Yonzon 6:59:32
24 Richard Poquiz 7:07:25
25 Willie Suarez 7:12:25
26 Ramon Gillego 7:19:36
27 Francis Santiago 7:27:49
28 Francis Hortelano 7:27:49
29 Rod Apolinario 7:30:15
30 Glen Tañag 7:31:00
31 Joseph Soriano 7:36:36
32 Mylene Buenafe 7:37:44
33 Aya Isip 7:42:30
34 Raiza Tulan 7:42:30
35 Jay Cu Unjieng 7:42:30
36 Odessa Coral 7:42:30
37 Ric Cabusao 7:42:44
38 Ernesto Balolong 7:43:00
39 Gregorio Torres 7:56:20
40 Eugene Tariaga 7:56:40
41 Jag Irasga 7:57:09
42 Ray Jimenez 7:59:49
43 Jeff Avellanosa 8:00:47
44 Francis Esteban 8:02:08
45 Samuel Narcise 8:02:10
46 Abby Jocson 8:11:18
47 Mara Montaos 8:22:45
48 Benedict Meneses 8:31:23
49 Emiliano Burgos 8:31:23
50 George Dolores 8:44:40
51 Nicko Nolasco 8:44:40
52 Kim Oconel 8:48:32
53 Roel Anu 8:48:32
54 Lemuel Narcise 9:08:00

7. Out of the 70 runners, 54 finished the test run. I did not announce this before the start of the test run but I have planned this all along. All the Finishers will be awarded with their respective “Certificate of Achievement” for having the “guts and mental toughness” to “go beyond their limits”.

BDM 102 Veteran Jerome From France Finishing The Test Run
Kim Finally Finished Her 1st 50K Ultra
General Samuel, my brother, Finishing his 1st 50K Ultra, the Only Active General of the AFP who officially finished an Ultra Distance

Congratulations to all the Finishers! Good job! Keep on training for the Race Day!


18 thoughts on “2nd BDM 50K Test Run: Insights, Pictures & Results

  1. To all those who completed the 50K TEST RUN … Congratulations. Even to those that did not complete but did try.. Congratulations as well. My best wishes o you all on the actual day of the BDM. BR make sure you will have your “awards night” same as last year, it was the icing of the event and what made those that participated bond together.


    1. kingofpots

      sir amado, thanks for your support. we’ll maintain the activities we have started in the 1st BDM 102. we hope to improve some more this time.


  2. Sir Jovie I really enjoyed our test run although I didn’t expect it to be that difficult early on but now I know better, thank you for organizing this! I am excited at the same time a bit anxious now that I know the first half of the route 😀


    1. kingofpots

      dhenz, ultra running is a different “ballgame”. i am glad you attended the test run and it was worth. now, you can adjust with your strategy for the D-Day. good luck!


  3. runnerforchrist

    I missed this one fellas, I already told Jonel why I was not able to come…
    Congrats to all.
    And to my supposed to be companions for this test run (Erick, Bert and Mon), I’m very proud of you guys, DNFed or not, I’m impressed with your courage. After that 50k, 52k remaining, and the race will continue…that’s the story of BDM 102 on March 6, 2010.
    And you must be proud with BR’s certificate and his generosity to award you with such. It’s surprise, a very priceless surprise!
    Cheers to all.


    1. kingofpots

      ronnie, we missed you for the “prayer” before the run. anyway, i asked the runners for a one-minute silence for their personal prayer. i am glad my prayers were answered again..no problems and no casualties. everybody enjoyed the run.


    1. kingofpots

      everybody was still smiling at Km #3 when i took that picture as the runners were going up the mountain. as they were running after i took this picture, i cautioned them to run on single file. rick, many of the runners here have been infected with the “ultra bug”. hehehe


  4. docrun

    nice run indeed. . . we had fun during the test run. . .can’t wait for D’ Day!. . .

    at may bonus pa na Certificate of Achievement huh! nice!

    (correction lang po sir BR on my name. . . it’s Marco Christopher Montaos. . 47th test run finisher)

    salamat po and congratulations to all the finishers/participants. . . .see you at km 0. .


    1. kingofpots

      doc, don’t worry. we’ll print your names (as you have written in your registration forms for the BDM) in your certificates. good luck.


  5. chizrun

    sir br! i’m so happy to have joined your run. thanks for coming up with this kind of race. i had a super tough time but it was still fun! finishing 50K meant a lot to me 🙂
    i’m really excited (and scared hehe) for the D-Day!


  6. gingerbreadrunning

    Hi Sir Jovie! Looks like everyone had an awesome time! I wasn’t able to join because I had to manage one of our biggest events of the school year, but am very excited for March 6th!


  7. mcoyrunhiker

    To Sir Jovie and to all the Test Run finishers : Congratulations to all of you… More power to all of you guys..Continue running safely 🙂


  8. broj

    Congratulations sir jovie for the succesful BDM test run. I thinks everything and everyone are ready for the D day! We will be praying for the best on the BDM Run! God bless!


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