What’s Next After BDM 102?

An Ulramarathon Trail Run somewhere in the Sierra Madre Mountains!!!

Clean Air, Quiet Place, & Challenging Route
With Some Water Obstacles
With Some Rocks...
Elevations from 400-800 MASL
Part of the 25-Km Loop Mountain Trail

If you are interested, you have four (4) months to train and prepare. Good luck!


31 thoughts on “What’s Next After BDM 102?

  1. Tin

    hmmm…why not? 4 mos to strengthen, huh! define this as deadly, more than killer elevations 🙂

    i thought about sierra madre while running corregidor this morning. i read your mind…hahhaha


  2. bugobugo

    i second the 100 miler motion of jonnifer.(nice one bdm-training run hehehe)

    but for the meantime, let us concentrate sa bdm muna and hold our horses until this 100 miler no less.

    let’s get it on.


  3. kingofpots

    you mean, TNF Clark? you will be running on established trails and not running as “trailblazers”..the place is nice and challenging..i am sure you will love the place!


  4. benwah

    Now you got me thinking “extended vacation” Sir Jovie. I remember you told me about this race before. I’ve run on similar condition at Catalina Island a few years ago with rain, hail, gusty wind, some flood and mud. Everybody was sliding down the hills. Even the buffalos didn’t dare to come out their pasture. That was my most exciting race. But take one race at a time. BDM is a very tough race to handle.
    BTW, I sent the BB box last week and should arrive late Dec or early Jan.


    1. kingofpots

      ben, i will be full-time RD on 2010 BDM 102 and i could run this ultratrail run. yes, this is one of my dream runs and those mountains in the pictures are also historic. thanks for the BB box and more of our less-fortunate runners will be happy to receive these shoes. good luck on your next race.


  5. kingofpots

    qs, there are so many good places to run here. the place in the sierra madres is also conducive for xterra events. hope you can join us soon!


  6. Beautiful with mountains all around for inspiration. Is it all fire road? Subconsciously I was picking my way through the trail pictures in my head; on the water obstacle – to the right where the dirt is still packed and use line of stones for footing if stable, for rocks – up and over the top using the rocks as footing. Hehe it just happens, you know how that goes. Like looking at mountains and imagining the dirt trails within.

    I have several good ideas for your logo. Expect some entries from me before the deadline. In fact your pictures just inspired a new direction.


  7. vvinceth

    2nd BDM 102–> Sierra Madre Trail Run –> TNF 100 Phils –> Addidas Sundown

    oh yeah The Running Safety will be busy running ultras next yr…

    Sir Jovie what about the 24hrs.. hahahaha..


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